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The growing field of landscape architecture helps strengthen communities by improving the physical connections between people and the world around them. Landscape architects at ISG don’t only strengthen communities through their work on projects though; they consistently contribute to ISG’s strengths-based culture, making the ISG offices a fun and productive place to be.

From mapping out building sites to drawing a portrait of his daughter, ISG Landscape Architect Aaron Thacker uses his artistic mind and ingenuity every step of the way. Let’s get to know Aaron.

Embracing + Reflecting on World Landscape Architecture Month

What does the future of landscape architecture look like?

Landscape architecture is growing as a profession, and has evolved to meet the demands of population growth, environmental quality, and sustainability. As urban environments expand and/or require reconstruction, the role of development leads to the need for planners, engineers, and landscape architects to respond to the modern world’s ever-changing needs with innovative solutions.

More trails, parks, open space networks, and complete streets are just some of the results of contemporary smart growth planning efforts that can provide a better quality of life for people, their communities, and the generations to come.

What’s the biggest professional challenge you face?

One of the greatest challenges of a landscape architect is time. While most designs include hardscape elements, such as rocks, water, or pavement – which have an immediate impact – the maturation of trees and other plant material that really add to the character of a place can take several years to realize. But it’s also very rewarding to see the visions come to fruition as the spaces evolve over time.

What is your favorite part of being an employee-owner at ISG?

Working with all of the talented people at ISG and seeing their different disciplines in action. It’s great to get a firsthand idea of who does what, and see how departments, such as environmental, land surveying, and electrical engineering for example, all come together. It adds a lot of appreciation and respect for what it takes to create the world around us, and keep it moving in the right direction.

What would we find you doing outside of work hours?

My hobbies include getting outdoors to hike, bike, run, and have fun with my family.

family photo with dad, mom, and child

I also love to draw, and continue to do field sketching and water colors when I can find the time. See Aaron's portrait of his daughter below!

watercolor portrait of young girl with blonde hair


Following Iowa State University sports, for good or bad, is up there on the list too!

Aaron puts his skills to work in ISG’s Des Moines, Iowa office, providing solutions for clients across the Midwest.

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