Water Quality Specialist Staci Williams

Being a water quality specialist requires determination and enthusiasm to facilitate collaboration between varying groups of people and to simulate economies by creating places worth visiting. On a daily basis, Grant Writer + Water Quality Specialist Staci Williams mixes outdoor recreational activities with land conservation to connect communities with the environment around them. From paddling down the Waccamaw River in South Carolina to running races with her nephew, Staci’s passion for nature shines through in her work with water quality at ISG. Let’s meet Staci!

What are some skills that have helped you succeed in your job?

Along with being friendly, you need to be collaborative. In water quality work, there are a lot of complex issues. It’s important to find common ground among the various partners and stakeholders who all have different interests. Discovering solutions that fit those diverse goals is key.

Describe a project when you had a “Eureka!” moment.

Early in my career, it wasn’t clear how building a nature trail and getting people to use it was connected to conservation or economic development. But after providing opportunities for people to be out on the water and protecting adjacent lands and parks, there was an “if you build it, they will come” realization. This ties into the work ISG is doing on eight different rivers and creeks in the Des Moines metro. Our analysis will help improve access, signage, and recreational amenities for residents and visitors. Connecting people to rivers inspires them to want to conserve them, and also improves local economies by attracting people to the area.

woman kayaking

What is the most exciting part of your job?

My background in conservation is being used in completely new ways with a diverse group of great people. The cool thing about working for ISG is the diversity of experiences and skills within the company. You are able to build on your strengths, while also working as a larger team. My experience in conservation is being paired with engineering to create a water trail plan that will ultimately help drive eco-tourism, and that is really exciting!

What would you do for an ISG talent show?

It would have to be singing karaoke. Not sure if anyone else would want to hear that though. No specific song comes to mind, but it would definitely be some 90s hip hop or hairband music. (Actually, we do want to hear that.)

What is one item you cannot work without and why?

Lots of coffee in the morning and afternoon. Coffee keeps me energized and ready to tackle projects throughout the day. The joke is that the Des Moines office’s coffee budget has increased exponentially since my work here started!

woman and young boy with medals after Color Run race Staci with her nephew after The Color Run

Staci supports ISG’s Des Moines, Iowa office, strengthening, collaborating, and creating beautiful places for communities in the region.

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