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The intricacies of electrical power and laser guidance systems are often lost under the umbrella term, “electrical engineering.” Electrical Engineer Chris Dewaal PE, LEED AP, works to break down the generalities of this phrase and focuses on achieving success. Methodical and analytic, Chris solves electrical problems like a puzzle, and only wishes training his dachshund puppy came as naturally to him. But in all projects, Chris seeks to attain the elusive and ever-changing definition of success. Let’s meet Chris.

What is a common misconception about working in electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is a pretty large blanket that covers a ton of specialties. There is a perception that if you know one specialty, you know them all. I think of myself as a power specialist, who does some control and lighting on the side. Then there are other electrical engineers who design printed circuit boards, laser guidance systems, or electromagnetic field shields. These are two completely different worlds.  Even though we have the same degree, there are many diverse specialties.

What is one strength you use a lot in your career?

Context. There is an old adage that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. The final step of evaluating a completed project is critical, and past projects are better learning tools than most textbooks. In preparation for new projects, it is important to revisit previous ones as much as possible.

Context is one of Chris's top five strengths based on Gallup's Strengthsfinder

Chris and his wife, Deanna Chris and his wife, Deanna

How have you built on your strengths while working at ISG?

Before starting at ISG, I did not have ample past experience with franchise projects. This sector places a great deal of value on efficiency. Reaching out to my colleagues, who have much more experience with these kinds of projects, provided some great perspective in how franchise owners and developers view and define success.

What is unique about your work process?

At the start of any project, I ask a guiding question: What is the client’s definition of success on this project?

The clients come to us for the expertise and knowledge in our respective fields, but it is critical to consider their vision and goals as item #1, and put them on a path that will fulfill that vision and achieve their desired goals while providing an innovative, sound solution.

What is one super power you would love to have?

I’m happy if I can get my seven-month-old dachshund, Vasily, to sit.

husband and wife holding brown, short-haired dachshund Chris with wife, Deanna, and dog, Vasily

But if pressed, having the professional European football abilities of Johan Cruyff, Dennis Bergkamp, or Marco van Basten (or Lionel Messi, for you younger folks) would be handy.

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