ISG Electrical Engineer Bear Daniel

When managing four-story steam boilers and conducting arc flash studies, Process, Steam, and Power Group Leader + Senior Electrical Engineer, Bear Daniel, brings a robust and dynamic background. With a passion for solving complex problems and rescuing dogs,  Bear is just as strong as his name. Let’s meet Bear.

Being a passionate leader, let's start off with insight into the projects that fuel your fire, or boilers!

I enjoy working on large steam and power projects, the type with steam boilers that can be up to the size of a four-story house. These are not projects with the low pressure steam (10 psi) that is used in most commercial applications, but boilers that have pressures of 100 psi, 425 psi, and up to 1,200 psi. We also have maintained our reputation in Green Bay as one of the leading consultants of arc flash studies throughout the U.S. Arc flash studies are electrical evaluations where we observe and calculate existing equipment, then tell clients how to safely work with that equipment. My electrical contracting background allows me to train electrical engineers to conduct these types of studies, and truly is a passion of mine.

Why did you choose to work in electrical engineering?

I started out as an electrician 48 years ago. Having the opportunity to work as a contractor and electrical designer at a brewing company steered me into the path of becoming an electrical engineer. This ultimately led to my position as an an E/I manager at a paper factory, where I managed all electrical and instrument engineering for the facility. Working in the paper mills taught me about steam and power, so I’m one of those oddball people who has an electrical degree, with just as much experience in steam and power.

How do you collaborate with ISGers to produce the best, and safest, results?

Electrical engineers have to be accurate and follow standards, but there is typically more than one way to accomplish the same goal.

A noteworthy part of being an electrical engineer is that you can have three different engineers in the same room with the same project, and have three different solutions.

As long as results meet code and the client is happy, their solution will work.

What best prepared you for your position at ISG?

From being a contractor, to working in breweries and paper mills, varied experiences have brought me to my job today. Another important skill was learning how to speak in front of people without being nervous. Knowing how to give presentations and speak to any crowd in any location is key.

What is your passion outside of work?

Spending time at my hunting camp with my dogs (my wife and I foster and adopt abused dogs). The woods are like a second home, and weekends will most likely always find me in a pair of overalls in the great in overalls by red sports car
man in woods with three dogs

Bear undertakes large-scale steam and power projects at ISG’s Green Bay, Wisconsin office, enriching his projects with varied experience.

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