In today’s world of advancing technology, ISG Electrical Engineer Eric Rothwell takes pride in devising innovative electrical solutions that help place partners at the forefront of their industries. From helping facility owners maintain balanced power systems to integrating visual displays, remote connections, and video conferencing capabilities, Eric’s designs continue to shape the interconnectivity of the places where we live, work, play, and learn.

In the office, his peers will tell you that Eric is always equipped with a joke to make you smile, and that his sunny and dedicated attitude brightens the workplace. Let’s talk with Eric and see for ourselves!

Tell us something interesting about electrical engineering that most people don’t know?

Homer Simpson would be much busier than the show writers of The Simpsons let on. The power we use every day is created in real time and cannot be stored in a meaningful fashion. Therefore, power plants (like the nuclear power plant Homer works at in the fictional City of Springfield) must constantly be ramped up and down to match demand, and it is an electrical engineer’s job to create a safe and efficient system that can accommodate this power demand. If power production lags behind demand, it is called a brown-out. When this happens, the lower voltage forces electronics to draw more current, which can degrade lifespan or even cause equipment failure.

Lesson learned: Homer is pretty important guy.

What is a work project you are currently involved in that makes you excited to show up to work each day?

I am very excited to see the Hanson Family Fine Arts Center in Forest City, Iowa, take shape. Large scale AV projects are always challenging in the best possible way. They tend to combine needs assessments, creative solution development, and nerdy researching in a way that I find deeply satisfying.


What do you enjoy most about working as an electrical engineer?

Learning and keeping up on emerging technologies – Modern day is basically a flying car short of a 50s sci-fi book with less hokey robots! Working with a ton of great gadgets is a lot of fun, but it is also critical to the job. In today’s world, technology is constantly advancing, and it is important to stay up to date with the leading  equipment in order to continue providing the best solutions for our clients.

Fun fact time! What is one thing about you that people can’t tell from looking at you?

I greatly disliked three-pronged forks well before The Big Bang Theory. Forks should have four tines*; it’s even in the name “for”k. The trident versions are always unnecessarily oversized, but not quite useful like a serving fork. Eating rice or any other small fare is painful with the large gaps, and as for meat, you may as well just wield akimbo steak knives and feast like a Viking.

*Eric would like to note that he realizes some smaller shrimp or fish forks traditionally have two or three tines. However, his preference is that short of attending a fancy dinner party in an English Tudor, the salad and dinner versions should suffice.


Eric’s blend of humor and electrical knowledge can be found at ISG’s Des Moines, Iowa, office, where he helps translate big technology ideas into practical electrical design solutions. And, where he enjoys his meals with a FOUR-pronged fork.

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