Nicknamed Farmer Lucas at ISG, IT Specialist Lucas Dimmel practices a hive mind mentality when working to address the firm’s technology needs and tending to his beehives. From assisting with tech questions to researching updates for software and servers, Lucas knows what it takes to serve 250+ professionals in four states, and 60,000+ bees! Let’s get to know Lucas and see what all the buzz is about.

What brought you to ISG?

lucas dimmel in officeI had a professor who put a lot of work into placing all of my classmates and I into internships so we could gain real world experience. Simultaneously, Eric Eby (Director of Information Technology) sent out a request for potential intern candidates that would be a good fit at ISG. Once I got started with the firm, I worked really hard to earn a full-time position, because this place is great!

How have you grown in your position?

I have learned so much here! It is very team-oriented and always a welcoming environment filled with people who are motivated. The skills I have gained through planning computer needs for 250+ people include strong time management and organization. Eric Eby, mentioned earlier, is a great leader and mentor to me. He’s another reason why I love coming into the office each day.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I answer a lot of calls and emails related to IT questions. This allows me to complete many different tasks throughout the day, always using my brain in different ways, which keeps me on my toes! When I’m not dealing with an immediate IT question or request, I’m researching updates for our software or servers, setting up new workstations around the office, installing new appliances in our server room, or checking performance stats. You’ll also usually find me with my headphones in listening to a podcast while I work. Some favorites are Spontaneanation with PFT, Radiolab, and TED Radio Hour.

What’s the buzz on your beekeeping hobby?

lucas dimmel digging garden plotsI’ve been doing it for about a year, and will be getting my own hives in spring 2018! I decided to start beekeeping because I have a few acres of undeveloped land around my house with plenty of vegetation to feed the bees. I thought it would be a good use of it. Plus, honey is great. Honeybees can help increase garden production too!

One thing about honeybees that most people don’t know is that they’re similar to dogs, in that they’ve been selectively bred by humans for thousands of years to be docile. They’re still wild animals, but they’re relatively tame. However, you should never approach a hive wearing dark clothes. They might think you’re a bear, one of their worst enemies!

Lucas continuously demonstrates his Intellect strength (from Strengthsfinder) in ISG's Mankato, Minnesota office.

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