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For ISG Revit Manager and Certified Revit Professional Dave Augustine, one day is never like the next. From meeting with design staff, training Revit users, talking technology trends with IT, or organizing the office U Pick ’Em football contest, he often spends a few days each month outside of his home Faribault office to visit one of ISG’s other eight locations, never forgetting to drop off a batch of his beloved homemade chocolate chip cookies. And no, despite our constant asking, he will not divulge the secret recipe. Let’s see what we can get Dave to share.

Your title is Revit Manager – what does that mean?

The title may imply that I just deal with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, Revit. While it’s certainly a priority item, there are a lot of other aspects that go along with it. I also explore technology trends in the industry, research and develop new applications and software, coordinate requests and feedback from various designers and managers, and collaborate with ISG’s marketing, IT, and business development teams.

I’m also a huge advocate for knowledge management, and have been working with others at ISG to continue developing ways of sharing information throughout the company, which is critical as ISG continues to grow.

In one word, how would you describe ISG, and why?

Diverse. It really is a privilege to interact and work with so many talented people from so many backgrounds, both professionally and personally. Being at the same company for this long (since 1999), there’s a tendency to get tunnel-visioned on the best way to achieve something. Being able to bounce ideas off of peers who bring 30+ years experience from another firm down to new hires just graduating from college, each person can offer a fresh approach.

What do you see on the horizon for architecture?

For what I primarily deal with, BIM is evolving and growing rapidly. Not just on the design side, but also for our clients and end users, such as facilities maintenance staff and building owners. There are more and more platforms available to clients, which can connect them to our intelligent building models and allow them to get real-time information. Construction management firms and a growing number of general contractors are also utilizing BIM to help access the information they need faster and more accurately than they could from paper construction documents.

Visualization of projects is also a rapidly developing area. The technology associated with it is pivotal for firms like ours to convey design ideas to our clients and get their input and feedback in an easy-to-understand format.

architecture visualization

The format can range from relatively simple still images of a site plan to an augmented-reality model of a proposed development in an urban environment. You can even put on a VR headset and walk around the inside of a virtual building model, or download a panoramic view on your phone to twist and turn and see different perspectives. For buildings with complex systems overlapping, being able to visualize these systems in a live model helps to confirm the design approach to not just our own staff, but also to the client.

What are some of your hobbies?

I really enjoy going to see live bands. From polka to pop, or reggae to rock, it really doesn’t matter the type of music at all. I just have a lot of respect for anyone who wants to share songs they created and open up that part of themselves with a crowd full of strangers. I also really enjoy grilling, baking, and just cooking food in general. Our Faribault office has a mighty fine grill that we’ve used many times. If you know you’ll be in the area for lunch, let’s grill something up!


Where is your favorite vacation spot, and why?

While probably not the typical getaway destination, a week-long trip to Iceland back in October of 2015 was definitely the best vacation I’ve ever been on. The people there are some of the nicest I’ve ever met. The environment is so varied and beautiful. One morning we hiked in 60-degree weather, and then four hours later, we were driving through a blizzard on top of a glacier.  If ISG opens an international office there, I’m moving!

hiking on glacier in Iceland

Until ISG opens an office in Iceland, you’ll find Dave sharing knowledge and baked goods with his colleagues in the Faribault, Minnesota, office.

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