Batman by day, compassionate husband and father to foster children at night, Environmental Scientist Lucas Mueller  is no average joe. With a passion for nature and the outdoors, Lucas enjoys having a career that allows him to work outside and protect the environment. And with the heavy importance of preserving the earth’s natural resources, Lucas gets to support a variety of ISG markets, including agriculture, commercial, energy, housing, and public works. Let’s dive into the super strengths of Lucas!

"Batman" and "Nature Boy" are your ISG nicknames, what's the scoop?

In site planning, environmental scientists help set the stage for engineers and architects to design a site that fits the client’s standards and needs while maintaining  existing natural resources. This includes conducting wetland delineations, tree surveys, phase I site assessments, and yes - endangered species driven services that include bats! Aside from the intimate nature and environment connection, we (environmental scientists) also play a big part in permitting by coordinating directly with cities, counties, states, and at times, the federal government to help projects move forward in a timely manner (insert Superman Metropolis reference here).

With your super strengths, what do you see on the horizon for the field of environmental science?

Natural resources are living organisms that can change over time, whether it’s a new species becoming threatened and endangered, new rule for farmed wetlands, or a change in wetland banking areas, it's all evolving at a rapid pace. It is the environmental scientist’s role to be on top of any rule changes, new regulations, certification requirements, etc., so that our clients avoid road blocks during the pre-construction, construction, or post-construction process.  The forward looking mentality within our group will allow for proactive measures that can support the evolving environmental needs to protect all involved.

What is the coolest experience you’ve had while conducting fieldwork?

While working in a wetland bog in northern Minnesota miles from any roads or houses, I nearly stepped on a black bear cub that was curled up sleeping on the ground. A few steps later, I saw the mom walking by me a couple yards away. Seeing two bears in the middle of the wild in such a beautiful setting was one of the coolest and most frightening times of my life!

What is life like after your environmental cape comes off?

Well shockingly, the great outdoors is part of my everyday life, whether on or off the clock. My free time is usually spent on a boat bass fishing in the summer, in the woods bow hunting in the fall, and on a lake ice fishing or mountain snowboarding during the winter months. I also enjoy spending time with my wife, Jen, and two foster children going to parks, apple orchards, or out on the boat for tubing and swimming.

husband and wife with two kids

What super power would make your job easier?

The ability to fly! That would mean less drive time to job sites and ability to conduct wetland delineations without getting wet!

Batman can be found in ISG’s Minneapolis office - cape and super powers vary by day.

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