ISG Senior Civil Engineer Jerremy Foss

Whether sketching cityscapes or serving as mayor in a game of SimCity, Jerremy has always been interested in cities and the way they work. And while at one point he dreamed of playing in a World Cup for the U.S. National Team, Jerremy Foss PE, LEED AP, CNU-A will tell you that nowadays he has a passion for infrastructure and how it helps create a sense of place and value in concert with architecture and planning, making his role of Senior Civil Engineer at ISG a dream career. Let’s learn more about Jerremy, and what the heck a CNU-A is!

“Our designs can influence the character, experience, value, and functionality on multiple levels, from the single individual lot all the way up to the larger municipal system.” – Jerremy Foss

What are some skills that have helped you succeed in civil engineering, and how?

Being humble as much as possible so that I am always open to hear feedback and alternative ideas.  This is important in all aspects of my profession, from project management to design solutions. Communication and responsiveness are also important traits, which are heavily embraced at ISG. Lastly, I think learning what developers, architects, and design consultants look for in their designs and understanding project goals has helped me become a better partner and project manager.

What does your CNU accreditation mean, and how does it benefit clients?

The accreditation is a verification that I understand the principles and mission of the Congress for the New Urbanism, an international nonprofit organization working to build vibrant communities where people have diverse choices for how they live, work, and get around. I was introduced to this organization by a fellow civil engineering colleague about 9 years ago, and it opened my eyes to a different way of thinking and how civil engineering principles directly affect the success of a development from an aesthetics, contextual, and functional point of view. What we design underground affects what is seen at the surface.

This understanding helps me provide guidance to influence designs that are mindful of and appropriate for the context they are in, which helps spark creative solutions and provide intrinsic value to clients who are considering context, multimodal transportation, and alternative approaches to stormwater management.

What is one thing you cannot work without, and why?

Coworkers. None of us are a one-man/woman show when it comes to the design development process.  We all have strengths, that when pooled together, make our solutions and individual growth that much better.

You are obviously very talented in civil engineering, but what would you do for an ISG talent show?

I would probably perform some soccer juggling tricks or challenge anyone to a game of Cups (Flip Cup/Boat Races to people outside of Notre Dame and Illinois). Highly marketable skills, I know...

Where can we find you outside of ISG?

Having recently moved from Chicago, my free time is filled with quality time with my family exploring our new stomping grounds in Minneapolis and St. Paul. So far we love the historical aspects of St. Paul and West 7th neighborhood, as well as the proximity to businesses, parks, and downtown.  The current favorites are the Waldmann Brewery for a good beer, Pajarito for Mexican food, Minnehaha Regional Park, and Palace Park and its community center.


I also like volunteering in local organizations as much as possible.


I enjoy playing soccer whenever I can, and will hopefully get back into coaching soon. Oh, and cards… any game except poker.

When he’s not exploring with his family or dribbling a soccer ball up and down the field, Jerremy can be found in ISG’s Minneapolis office.

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