With a 35+ year construction career, including serving as President, Principal, and Director of Construction Operations at a commercial construction firm, Mike Hansen brings a wealth of experience to his role as a Project Manager at ISG.  A proud Eagle Scout, Mike takes the motto “Be prepared” seriously, whether that be monitoring project schedules or getting ready for a marathon card game (known to last all night). Let’s get to know Mike!

What do you consider the keys to project success?

There are three critical parts to any contract: schedule, cost, and quality. Changing any one of the three directly affects the other two.

Also, being able to see a project from at a high level is extremely important, but requires balance of smaller details that can snowball if not immediately addressed.

Coming from the contracting side, what unique experience do you bring to your role at ISG?

I originally started out as a laborer and worked my way up the ranks to President, so I have seen how the construction industry works in all phases - from jackhammering concrete and completing finish carpentry to negotiating the contracts. These skills help me act as an advocate for our clients, because I have been on the other side of the table and I know how that side of the industry operates. I like to oversee projects to ensure the operations remain fair and professional.

How has the industry changed, and how can ISG continue to adapt to better serve clients?

Far and away, it’s the technology and speed of communication. When I first started, ordering a construction material of any kind for immediate delivery was a three-day process just to get the order confirmed. Now, it’s often next-day delivery, meaning we have to be nimble more than ever.

Communication across platforms has also increased at an amazing rate. With ISG's tools like Bluebeam and Basecamp, just to name a few, our team is able to collaborate on documents whether we are in different offices or on a job site. This type of flexibility allows me to stay on schedule - a critical component to my role - while also tapping into more resources than I've ever had available, all under one roof.

Tell me about your experience in Boy Scouts, and how it’s helped your professional development.

I have been involved in scouting all my life. Because it has taught me so many life skills such as leadership, preparedness, and the core values of the Scout Law, I feel it’s important to give back, and am currently assisting with a Troop that lost their Scoutmaster.


When Mike isn’t on project sites across the Midwest, he can be found in ISG’s La Crosse, Wisconsin, office.

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