If Architectural Designer Marcia Drehmann’s family and friends were to describe her in three words, she’d like them to say: funny, carefree, and cheerful, but thinks they would actually say active, responsible, and worker. There’s no doubt she’s all of those things (and a bag of veggie chips). Let’s learn more about Marcia and her role at ISG.

What's your recipe for success as a designer?

I love rearranging spaces and finding new ways to do things. I also love a challenge, whatever it is. Working in a multidisciplinary team like ISG requires strong communication skills. Meetings and messaging are important, but I tend to get up and talk to people (or pick up the phone) if there is something that requires a creative solution. It takes a combination of all forms of communication to develop a project.

Most days are a blend of drafting (either developing schematic plans or construction documents), meeting with clients, answering RFIs, reviewing shop drawings, and coordinating with other disciplines and consultants, which all have allowed me to really develop as a professional throughout the years.

You work on a lot of projects in the Industrial market. How has that market evolved since you’ve been in the field?

In the past the clients were mostly focused on production. Now there is a greater emphasis on blending an employee focus into each operation. Our clients want to provide an environment that supports their workforce with wellness/medical facilities, education, training, and workspaces that facilitate collaboration as well as privacy.


What is something that helps you stay motivated and inspired?

Check out the TED Talk “The Happy Secret to Better Work” by Shawn Archor. He talks about how we can train our brains to be happy, which leads to more creativity, productivity, and resiliency.

How do you spend your free time?

I enjoy biking, gardening, art museums/festivals, reading, visiting children and grandchildren, and going to concerts. I'm a huge wellness advocate (insert veggie chip joke here), so you can often find me making healthy dishes or being active in the great outdoors.


Marcia develops creative client solutions from ISG’s Green Bay office.

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