ryanwelkeProject Coordinator and Certified Revit Professional Ryan Welke has fallen for Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Since driving westward from La Crosse, Wisconsin, to ISG’s Sioux Falls office, he enjoys spending time on Brewer’s Row, which includes several breweries within walking distance, his favorite of which – Remedy Brewing Company – is right across from the ISG Sioux Falls office. But more than the food and drinks, Ryan looks forward to becoming deeply involved in the community through Sioux Falls Young Professionals and Sioux Falls Design Center, and making further connections via new client relationships.

Ryan constantly seeks ways to develop as a professional, and is in the process of taking Architect Registration Exams to become a licensed architect. Let’s learn more about Ryan and what drives him to create innovative architectural solutions for clients.

You are on your way to becoming a licensed architect, which is no easy feat! What inspires you to continue developing in this field?

I’ve wanted to work in architecture for as long as I can remember, which started out with sketching floorplans and house designs on graph paper. More than making a building look fancy, architecture requires coordinating with other disciplines to create a facility in which all the pieces work together as an efficient system. You have to consider all the details, including how site layout creates a view for potential customers driving by. Seeing a client’s vision and turning it into a reality is truly rewarding.

Can you name a recent project in which you have had to flex your creativity and ingenuity muscles?

I am involved on the drafting side for a very unique project for a Midwest shrimp production company, trū Shrimp. Yes, shrimp! This project is one-of-a-kind, which has forced our team to really think outside the box, but yet still have the opportunity to truly dive into our client's operations, goals, and aspirations. I have been able to see #ISGIngenuityatWork as different disciplines collaborate to literally invent a never before seen facility. The project involves so much more than just the space in which they will operate, which allows our team to really tap into our cross-market expertise as well. The project is so ingenious that the Wall Street Journal has even picked up a story on the industry changing advancements our client is leading. How's that for a stellar project!

What prompted the decision to move to ISG's new Sioux Falls office?

I have always had an interest in moving west to get closer to the mountains. The move allows me a lot of opportunity both as an individual and to help ISG grow. I’m really excited to be a part of a new community and build upon our firm's commitment to the State and region! I may be new to the area, but our work is not, so it's exciting to have the opportunity to really dive into Sioux Falls itself! It has been cold since I moved here, but I've been keeping warm with the good food and brews. I am super excited to get my bike out of storage and start exploring the area.


What is one thing you cannot work without?

Music. Whether I’m working at home in my garage or in the office, I always have the radio on (usually to a country station). Music helps me zone out any distractions so I can really dive into a project.

Based on your recent move, it sounds like you enjoy adventure! Where would you go on a three-month long vacation?

I would visit state parks, traveling to a new area each day to hike, bike, and camp. I would also spend time with friends and family as I visit new parts of the U.S.


Ryan Welke is currently setting up his home and new desk in #ISGSiouxFalls.

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