When I meet someone in architecture for the first time, I like to ask what inspired them to pursue a career in the field. No surprise, the answer I receive most frequently? “I liked to play with LEGOS® as a kid!”

Beyond a seemingly universal nostalgia for these wildly popular childhood toys, the professionals in architecture I get to meet and interact with on a daily basis are vastly unique, and bring a set of skills and passions all their own to their positions. As ISG’s Paul Lawton, AIA, LEED AP, Vice President of Architecture puts it, “whether you are a creative drawn to big-picture ideas or a practical problem solver, the field naturally lends itself to diverse professionals with a dynamic range of passions, training, and skillsets. Together we are able to build meaningful, high-performing spaces.”

What’s even better? Pursuing training and education in the field isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey. “There really is an opportunity for every interest and personality within the architectural profession,” says Paul, “as well as multiple two-year, four-year, and graduate degrees to help you get there.”

Let’s take a look at the different career paths in architecture, and how each of them contribute to a well-rounded project:


At ISG, employees who start in our Architecture Group (and company-wide) are encouraged to forge their own paths and pursue their passions. For some, this means continuing to build hours toward AIA licensure and studying for Registration exams, while for others it’s mastering the art of drafting or becoming a go-to expert in a particular area of design or Revit programming. Architecture can even serve as a gateway into other disciplines, with individuals who master architectural drafting having the opportunity to move into the electrical, structural, and mechanical fields.

Interested? Loved LEGOS® as a kid (or, let’s be honest still do)? Explore the possibility of a career in architecture at ISG, visit https://isgrp.applicantpro.com/jobs/.

Oh, and did we mention you become an owner on day one of full-time employment?

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