Most people were inspired by someone who influenced their career choice and professional passion. For ISG architectural professionals, it is no different. Yet our recent conversations with professionals we celebrate this week revealed the people who provide the influence are wide ranging – from high school drafting teachers, to family members who enjoyed designing new spaces, and of course some better known architects such as Spain’s Antoni Gaudi, Japanese self-taught architect Tadao Ando, and Charles Gwathmey, an American educated at Yale University’s School of Architecture, and others like Peter Zumthor, Alvar Aalto, and Le Corbesuier.

What About the Designs that Inspire?

So what truly sets inspiring architects apart from their peers? When speaking of Tadao Ando, ISG’s Nathan Compton, AIA, CDR, states, “he creates atmospheres, not just space, through the way he controls the light and his work is also beautifully simplified.” Nathan also speaks of the ways in which Ando connects built and natural environments, sharing his appreciation for how the Pritzker Prize-winner “incorporates the landscape design into his projects, [and] the building becomes part of the landscape architecture.”

ISG’s Mark Chambers, AIA, shared how connections beyond the physical aspects of a space can create deeper meaning. Of Charles Gwathmey, an architect who designed The Robert Gwathmey House in 1967, Mark noted that “while not an architectural marvel, it’s the deeper meaning behind the creation of the spaces from the organic nature that really appeals to me.”

Inspiration from all Walks of Life – Never Underestimate the Power of a Teacher

While many are inspired by the great architects of history, other design professionals of today identify their source of influence back to their high school drafting teachers who shared their passion for design with students and played a key role by encouraging them to pursue a career in the profession.

They say you are a product of the individuals and environment you surround yourself with. Likewise, while people have a significant impact in encouraging architectural careers, so too do places.

Memorable Places to Inspire Today’s Architectural Designs

From classic residences such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Tailiesin and Falling Water, to the modern, international skyscraper designs in Dubai that seem to defy the rules of physics, these places embody architectural innovation and creativity. Alyssa Campbell, AIA, LEED AP states, “What has always attracted me to architecture has been the idea that the built environment impacts how we experience our day to day activities.”

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