heupeljamie_watercoolerGrowing up with an architect for a father, Jamie Heupel’s drawings of buildings were probably a little more structurally sophisticated than the other kids’. At ISG Jamie spends his days solving a variety of problems, from answering simple emails, to engineering column-free open floor plans. While not problem-solving or looking forward to his 25th wedding anniversary vacation in Hawaii, Jamie can be found rooting for the Minnesota Vikings- from Green Bay.

Please describe your job. Think of it as "a day in the life of Jamie at ISG..."

I try to think of my job as more of a problem solver.  Whether it’s simply answering an email or phone call to more complex problems like building structures.  The complex problems are usually something like supporting long spans so that the structure can have wide open floor space and free of columns.  That is not always easy to do.

Can you recommend any professional development books or TED talks? What is the most valuable takeaway?

I can only recommend one book and that is because Strengths Finder 2.0 had been given to me when I first started at ISG.  In all my previous years of employment with other companies, they never encouraged individual professional development.  The most valuable takeaway would be that it focuses on your strengths rather than emphasizing and critiquing your weaknesses.

What is something that most people woud find surprising about you?

I live in Green Bay but am a Minnesota Viking’s fan.  Loved it even more when Brett Favre signed with them!

Who has been a role model for you and why?

My Dad.  He is an architect and so I learned to visualize and draw buildings at a young age.  And yes, we do still battle over who’s more important; the architect or the engineer.  My wife has also become one of my role models as she is now running two successful businesses along with still managing our family and home.

What are three words your family/friends would use to describe you?

Humorous, Thoughtful, Sacrificial

What are the top items on your bucket list?

Tour One World Trade Center.  We’ve been to NYC a couple times now, but they weren’t opened to the public then.

Vacation in Hawaii.  We are planning our 25th wedding anniversary trip there.  Two more years!

Visit Boston.  For the American heritage as well as the seafood and clam chowder.

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