ISG Employee Owner and Director of Production Operations, Randy Potter, is a frequent and friendly communicator, coordinator, and problem-solver at work. This is not the case at volleyball, where his spikes rain on opponents. When he’s not in the office or on the court, the Certified Revit Professional and ESOP Committee Chair can be found wearing multiple hats. Randy proudly wears the “dad” badge with his two kids (number three on the way!). He also is a fishing connoisseur and could spend hours cheering on any Minnesota sports team. Let’s check out what “sets” him apart from the status quo.

Operations is a loaded area – what’s one word that can be used to boil down your main focus and actions as an employee owner?

Communication! The largest part of my day-to-day role is communicating with a large variety of professionals within our nine offices. One minute I’ll be working side by side with a technician or Architect, and in the same hour I may switch gears completely. I can transition quickly to leading an ESOP Committee meeting or collaborating with the firm’s Central Services group on strategic initiatives.  What makes my role unique is that our disciplines/services do not drive our business model, but yet their flow and effective management are what ensures ISG’s proposed solutions can be put into action. We’ve worked hard to create seamless integration from the minute an opportunity is defined to executing plan sets through to construction. I’m always aware of where the firm is going, and am accountable for making sure our operations meet current and future demands – a pretty stellar role if I can #humblebrag.

Herding cats or leading rock stars – what best describes your leadership and operations focus?

Leading rock stars for sure. I try to lead by example with the understanding that someone is always watching or listening. The ISG way is to go the extra mile to find the right answer – be solutions based. My role requires an immense amount of problem solving skills that always keeps me on my feet. Two of my top five Gallup StrengthsFinder strengths are Individualization and Analytical. These focus on identifying employees’ strengths to then put them into a position where they can succeed. Critical thinking, a bit of arranging, and a production driven mindset help support the rockstars that are ISGers.

Why ISG?

I love the people! I really enjoy the wide variety of personalities at the firm. Work is enjoyable. The team can joke around, when appropriate, but then also buckle down at the same time. The leadership opportunities presented have also pushed me to continually strive for success. The firm and its leader have listened to my opinions and ideas, and given me the chance to expand my professional development within.

What is one thing about you that most people would find surprising?

I don’t like bragging about myself but… (here it comes) I’m probably an above average volleyball player, especially considering that I’m only 5’ 8”. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Mankato ISG volleyball team as they are often on the wrong end of one of my spikes (I play on a different team).

What are three words your family/friends would use to describe you?

Sarcastic, competitive, and curious.

How do you recharge after work?

I have two kids under the age of five (plus one on the way, due in December) so my second shift starts after daycare pickup. My wife is a nurse so she works the typical odd hour shifts. After kids are in bed, it’s my time to recharge, which typically results in a cold Busch Light and cheering for whichever MN sports team is on TV that night. SKOL!

Did you know:

Randy organized ISG’s 2018 ISynerGy Conference where over 100 of ISG’s employee owners braved the cold winter to collaborate in Mankato, MN. Topics ranged from standards and new programs to creating alignment and cross discipline market needs. Oh, and the ingenious name and ISG call out was developed over a cold Busch Light, and scribbled on a bar napkin.

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