A relator to his peers and everyday learner, Project Manager + Construction Administrator Kirk Moe uses his extensive field experience and entrepreneurial background to help each client’s vision become a reality. When he’s not kicking up dust in the field ensuring project success, you will find him on the lake, year round, fishing with his two kids, Boys & Girls Club, veterans, and friends through his passion-child ProMoe Outdoors. Let’s get to know Kirk.

As a previous entrepreneur, why did you choose to pursue a career in architecture?

Architecture is extremely diverse which keeps a guy like me intrigued. It’s exciting to give input on designs that will help shape the human environment. At the end of each project, it’s rewarding to see the finished product to which you’ve contributed and know it will be around for years to come.

How does your experience as an entrepreneur help you find solutions for clients at ISG?

As an entrepreneur I wore multiple hats including those of management, leadership, budgeting, financial, designing/creating, problem solving, etc. I feel like it is the blend of these experiences that allows me to be able to provide different and unique perspectives in approaching, exploring, and finding optimal client solutions. Financial management is also a key component of being an entrepreneur, so my experience allows me understand the client’s perspective in meeting the bottom line and approaching every day with the big picture in sight.

I’ve found that ISG’s employee owners don’t actually have to be entrepreneurs to think like one—we’re all encouraged to be innovative and ingenious every day.

It’s no secret you’re a bit of a fisherman. What’s your favorite spot?

As a pro-staffer and ambassador for major sponsors and fishing products, I offer guided tours across the Midwest and beyond. Recently, I’ve been on a fly fishing kick which has taken me to Colorado, Missouri, Bonaire (an island off the coast of Venezuela), and Grand Cayman. I do not necessarily have a favorite location, but I embrace the opportunity to travel and experience new destinations, including Ireland this fall.

How is the work you do at ISG similar to fishing?

It’s quite interesting how many similarities exist between the two. Looking to fish a new destination is no different than taking on a new project. Whether I am trying to maximize my success on the water or determine the best client solution, both initially take the proper research, preparation, and planning. Sometimes the planning pays off, such as landing the trophy fish or winning a big project. Other times the fish don’t seem to bite or a project encounters an unexpected hurdle. It’s at these times, when a person must adapt, re-evaluate, and perhaps change the course. No matter the outcome a person must continue to pursue opportunities in order to achieve success.

What is the best work-related advice you have been given?

Never be above any job stay humble.” If the trash needs emptying, empty it. If the floor needs swept, sweep it. At the end of the day, it all has to get done. I try to instill the same ethic in my two kids.

What community service opportunities have you been reeling in?

I’ve had some pretty incredible opportunities to volunteer my time for either a day or a full excursion to support local veterans, as well as organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of America. Next Saturday, February 23, I will be traveling to Rapid City, SD to attend the Hooked on Hardwater event. This is an annual event where 60 pro fisherman donate their time to The Club for Boys. This event allows boys the chance to spend time doing something they may never otherwise experience. In return, we are blessed with the opportunity to give back, help them smile, laugh, learn, hope, and push for a better tomorrow. It’s extremely humbling and makes me thankful for everything I have.

How can we non-fishermen help out The Club for Boys?

To help streamline donations, The Club is now seeking general donations, as well as sponsorships for basic daily needs for the boys, including nutritional items and clothing. To Sponsor a Boy for $100 you can click:

Or, to make a donation of any other amount, click:

Any amount helps!

When he's not managing projects of every scale on site or fishing, you can find Kirk in ISG's Des Moines, Iowa office.

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