In honor of #NationalEngineersWeek, we are sparking ingenuity with a compilation of engineering blogs. From Employee Spotlights to articles by our own engineers, this list is sure to elicit thinking outside of the box (much like these engineers do everyday)!

ISG Employee Spotlights

Amanda Thomas – Graduate Engineer, Civil

ISG Graduate Engineer Amanda Thomas talks mentorship, parking lots, To Kill a Mockingbird, and stilts.

Bethany Brittenham – Graduate Engineer, Agriculture and Biosystems

How did chickens inspire Bethany Brittenham’s career as an engineer? Read more to find out!

Jamie Heupel – Structural Engineer

Growing up with an architect for a father, Jamie Heupel’s drawings of buildings were probably a little more structurally sophisticated than the other kids’. 

Jerremy Foss, PE, LEED AP, CNU-A – Civil Engineer

Whether sketching cityscapes or serving as mayor in a game of SimCity, Civil Engineer Jerremy has always been interested in cities and the way they work. 

Eric Rothwell – Electrical Engineer

In today’s world of advancing technology, ISG Electrical + Communications Designer Eric Rothwell takes pride in devising innovative electrical solutions that help place partners at the forefront of their industries. 

Mark Origer, PE – Civil Engineer

When he’s not volunteering with the Adaptive Water Ski Program, Civil Engineer Mark Origer, PE is still focused on theh water, crafting designs that positively impact people and the environment.

Corona Woychik – Civil Engineer

Whether developing a roadway model or writing a Traffic Impact Analysis report. Corona’s dedication to tackling challenges and improving her professional career is rivaled only by her efforts to beat her colleagues in Nerf wars. 

Chris DeWaal, PE, LEED AP – Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer Chris DeWaal, PE, LEED AP works to break down the generalities of the term, “electrical engineering,” which is often used as an umbrella term in the industry.

ISG Engineers’ Blogs

Brian Gjerde, PE 

Faster, Better, Stronger Commercial Development

New commercial development ventures are exciting not only for the cities and communities who welcome them but also the developers who pioneer such efforts. Before plans are laid out or a ribbon cutting is scheduled, the key to success lies in the very early, initial planning stages with four simple, yet critical questions.

Chris DeWaal, PE, LEED AP

Be Ready. Be Aware. Are you Prepared for NCPA Arc Flash 2018 Updates

Be aware. Be prepared. Be proactive. NFPA  2018 updates of the 70E (Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace) have a new philosophy for reducing arc flash risk-prevention. Up until now, the standard has typically focused on managing risk, but an emphasis has now been placed on also outlining proactive strategies to avoid arc flash incidents all together. Today, we’re exploring some of the key changes to the manual to help spread the word.

Chuck Brandel, PE

Acre by Acre

Gaining Community support for major agricultural drainage improvement projects, one Landowner at a time.

Dan Stueber, PE, LS

Impacts of 3D Scanning Technology in Industry Growth and Facility Management

Hear from clients themselves how 3D scanning technology is revolutionizing the way businesses pursue and manage growth.

David Doxtad, PE

Rural Housing Crisis: How Iowa Communities are Building for the Future

With the housing stock in rural Iowa shrinking and aging, many Iowa communities face roadblocks to long-term economic development. By planning for sustained success, these four Iowa towns have taken measures to deliver affordable housing solutions that promote future growth.

How Lake Communities can Meet Summer Water Demands

As millions flock to lakes during the summer, cities close to shore will see water usage rates double yearly averages. Here’s how innovative engineering helps lake communities cope with seasonal swings.

Managing the Right Flow: Inflow + Infiltration 411

Reducing stormwater inflow to sanitary sewers through proactive efforts can have a tremendous impact on communities and homeowners alike.

Nick Ellenberger, PE, LEED AP

New Nature Center Paves the Way for Sustainable Design

As society justifiably becomes more concerned with the state of our climate, green building will (and should) continue to lead the way, and the systems and methods used will become increasingly advanced. In the meantime, Austin, Minnesota will kick off Earth Day 2017 with a Center that is a model of sustainability and one of the greatest local connections to Mother Nature.

Will Kratt, PE

The Importance of Community Engagement on Pavement Projects

Pavement and resurfacing projects often involve a lot of moving parts. To ensure that there are minimal disruptions to daily life, ISG’s project teams focus on coordination and communication in the towns in cities in which they work. For the resurfacing of streets in West Des Moines, Iowa, ISG’s project team did just that, and in doing so, earned statewide recognition.

First Step, Community Planning

Together, design firms, communities, cities, and development leaders can make a tremendous impact, and a solid, but flexible planning process is critical to success.



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