Growing up in Beardstown, Illinois, Tim Verheyen, PE learned a lot about working hard from his parents, who owned a small business. The youngest of three boys, he also became a little competitive. Now, Tim brings these traits to his role as Civil Engineering Principal in ISG’s Waterloo, IA office where he ensures that ISG stands above the competition to best serve clients.

Who inspires you?

My parents have been the most influential people in my life, and still are today. They were small business owners when I was growing up. I learned a great deal from observing and working alongside them, like customer service, taking pride in your work, and most importantly work ethic. I learned that you can overcome most shortcomings if you’re willing to put in the effort. Now at ISG, I see our Employee Stock Ownership Plan instill and nurture that same work ethic, which has been cool.

What are 2-3 interesting things that people don't know about you?

I am just a "little" competitive (it’s my #1 strength on StrengthsFinder). My dad grew up in Green Bay so my entire family are diehard cheese-heads. However, being the youngest of three, I obviously became a Chicago Bears fan to keep things interesting.

How does your competitive spirit fit in at ISG?

Being competitive makes me strive to be the best. When it comes to serving clients, I don’t just want to meet their expectations, I want to exceed them. ISG fuels this competitive mindset by putting together the best multi-disciplinary teams possible and encouraging us to focus on clients and think outside of the box.

It’s no secret that education is a priority in Iowa and the Midwest at-large. How has ISG positioned itself to serve the needs of partners in the education market?

Investing in key resources. The acquisition of StruXture Architects and addition of employee owners like Nathan Compton, AIA, CDT and Kevin Hildebrandt, CPE, CPS to an already robust education team demonstrates ISG’s substantial commitment to education. This investment, along with our desire to continually improve, has helped us emerge as an industry leader and deliver top-notch facilities to our educational partners across Iowa and the Midwest.

What makes ISG a good educational partner?

Because there are no two districts that have the same exact goals and needs, being a good partner starts with listening. Once we’ve truly listened and understand our partners, we have the unique advantage of providing all planning, architecture, environmental, and engineering services in-house, which allows us to communicate easily across disciplines to make sure our goals are aligned and budgets are balanced. From there, we focus on delivering safe, secure, and flexible education spaces able to meet the ever-evolving methods of learning. Additionally, our in-house team contains LEED accredited professionals and is focused on delivering facilities that are energy-efficient and durable, reducing life-cycle costs for districts.

What's your favorite part about working at ISG?

Without a doubt it’s the people and culture! Although we definitely have a one-firm mentality, we like to joke that Waterloo is the self-proclaimed "fun" office. Regardless, I enjoy solving complex problems on a daily basis, especially with an awesome team.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing ISG and the A/E industry at large?

Right now there is a pretty widespread labor shortage. Our industry, like many others, needs to be working towards better efficiency. The labor shortage is only to get worse, so we need to figure out how to more efficiently deliver our services.


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