After becoming an ISG employee owner in June 2018, Accounts Receivable Manager Jen Fahey can now say she’s worked in four different industries. Now, Jen helps keep things moving efficiently in ISG’s accounting department. Outside of the office, Jen enjoys spending time with family, watching the Minnesota Vikings, and reading Harry Potter. Read on to learn more about Jen!

What is it about the Architecture and Engineering field that intrigues you?

All things A/E fascinate me. I have a banking background which involved the funding of the projects. Now I’m on the flip side of understanding what it takes to put these projects into reality. Most of the things we do are eye-opening to me and the day-to-day conversations definitely help with the learning curve of being in a new industry!

What was your work experience prior to coming to ISG?

I have worked in four completely different industries in my professional career. Alcohol/Beer, Transportation/Trucking, Finance/Banking, and now A/E. A/E is by far the most interesting but I will say the Beer/Alcohol had its perks as well—although I’ve tried to carry on the spirit of that job (pun intended) during our Friday Happy Hours!

How are you working to develop solutions for the firm?

Much like the Vikings’ beloved wide receiver (and a fellow Minnesota State University, Mankato, alumnus) Adam Thielen would say, success is all about the process. Recently, the Accounting group as a whole has been focused on efficiencies and minimizing expenses for the company by setting up clear and defined process. By getting all employee owners are on the same page and using the established processes, it makes things easier for us all. Less time spent on inconsistent processes brings more time to focus on our clients!

How is ISG’s Finance and Accounting department showcasing ingenuity?

We crunched some numbers, and right now we’re actually getting paid by clients about eight days faster than the average competition in the A/E Industry. That not only means that we’re staying on top of things in accounting, but also that we have less pay withheld for incomplete work than our competitors. This means we’re completing projects satisfactorily! Getting paid on time is also a bonus because when our project teams don’t have to worry about getting paid, they have more time to focus on the projects themselves.

I’m sure you’ve noticed in Accounting, but ISG’s been growing fast. Where would you like to see ISG’s next office?

Yes we have been growing fast—even since I was brought on in June of 2018! However, we’re not growing just for the purpose of growing. All of our growth is strategic to make sure we can continue to expand the services we provide clients. After this long, cold winter I will hope that our next location is somewhere warm, possibly Florida. That would also give me the opportunity to finally visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, it’s on the top of my bucket list!

Seems like you’re a bit of a Harry Potter fan.

I know I’m a nerd. I have read the Harry Potter series at least five times and if one of my kids wants to read them again I wouldn't ever say no—they are just as good each read-through.

Who inspires you? Why?

Honestly, my kids. The concepts and ideas that come from children can be truly spectacular! Stepping back and looking at things from an innocent child's perspective can give a whole new outlook on your life in general and your decision making.


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