Ever since planning her mother’s baby shower for her little brother at the age of 10, Jordan Laursen has been hooked on managing events. Now as the Events Manager at ISG, Jordan is not only tasked with planning internal conferences and celebrations, but also a wide variety of external events, ensuring ISG stays involved in the community, industry, and world-at-large. Let’s learn more about Jordan!

You love to travel and hopped on a plane 40 times last year—what was your favorite destination?

This past November, I returned to South Africa to visit the children I volunteered with when I lived there for a few months three years ago—one of them remembered me! As an added bonus, it’s a beautiful place, the food is amazing, and the hiking is unmatched.

Which event has presented you with the most challenges?

Planning ISG’s annual ISynerGy conference in La Crosse in February. It was a huge undertaking to get ISG’s 300+ employee owners in one place for a couple of days, especially during a blizzard, but I enjoyed the process, learned a ton, and found room for improvement for future events. Overall, the ISynerGy conference was a success and demonstrated just how invested ISG is in all its employee-owners, and vice versa. It was a large investment to travel and house everyone and to take time out of the office, but it was well worth it to ensure alignment and recognize milestones!

What are some upcoming events you’ve been coordinating?

A big event we are looking forward to is the Agriculture, Drainage, and the Future of Water Quality Workshop that we’re hosting in July at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall. I’m working with our agricultural and water resources teams to put together a great lineup of internal and external speakers to talk to about 200 people. This should be a great event, and it’s been awesome to see ISG’s commitment not only to serving our clients, but also to sharing knowledge as thought leaders in the drainage industry. Additionally, it should be a great networking event for lots of landowners.

Favorite part about working at ISG so far?

The people—it’s cool being surrounded by so many young, hard-working, and driven professionals that also know how to have a good time! Additionally, it’s been extremely interesting to work in the A/E field and begin to learn all of the types of projects we touch, especially with the broad range of markets we service.

Other than that, trade shows get lighter heading into the summer, so I’m currently focused on our ISG open houses. I’m especially excited to unveil our new office in the WaterMark building in Downtown Green Bay in June—it’s an awesome space.

I understand that you recently ducked out of work (with permission) and signed your little brother out of school (without permission). Why is that?

 My other brother Adam is in the Air Force and has been gone for six months, but his deployment was ending early. He let my little brother Aaron and I know about it, so we picked him up from the base and surprised my parents. It was an awesome surprise, and my mom even forgave me for pulling Aaron from school.

What’s the status on everyone’s favorite event, ISG’s annual firm party?

Well, I already have a head start on last year, but that’s not saying much—last go-around I started on Monday and the event was on Saturday! Luckily, everyone in the firm was helpful, considerate, and welcoming, and it was a huge success and went off without a hitch. I don’t want to spoil anything for next year’s party, but what I can say is that it should be a good reward for a year’s worth of hard work!

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