Although she loves to travel (especially to the Caribbean) ISG Administrative Assistant Meredith Luksetich will always call Des Moines home. In fact, when she’s not supporting teammates at ISG or building connections with the  Young Professionals Connection (YPC), (or bartending at Tonic Bar or the Iowa Events Center) she’s strengthening her roots by renovating her house with a little help from her dad and fellow ISG employee owners. Let’s learn more about Meredith and ISG’s 2018 Des Moines Young Professionals Organization of the Year award, and hear some expert travel tips.

Has being a homeowner been different than you expected?

It has definitely forced me to learn so many things I never thought I would need to know. I have refinished my own hardwood floors, put up my own privacy fence, tiled my kitchen and bathroom floors, and so much more. Renovation is a beast but it’s been fun seeing the changes and upgrades, and how much I have grown during the process. It is also nice having experienced coworkers who I can bounce ideas off of.

Other than your coworkers’ home renovation tips, what’s your favorite part about working at ISG?

I love our culture. We have a work hard, play hard mentality. We’re certainly fans of happy hour after work, but when it’s crunch time, everyone’s willing to take extra time out of their day to get the project done on time—it’s really an #ISGAllIn mentality. Coming to work and loving the people and atmosphere is priceless.

ISG was recently named Des Moines Young Professionals Organization of the Year—was culture a factor in this?

For sure. Our culture is not only appealing to young professionals, but we’ve also been deliberately ensuring that mentorship and development opportunities within our firm know no bounds. Whether it’s our ISGUniversity knowledge sharing sessions each quarter or just being able to picking up the phone and get help from any of our 300+ open and accessible employee owners creates a really good environment for professional growth. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt that over 70% of our company is under the age of 40).

How have you been involved in the Des Moines Young Professionals Connection?

ISG has always encouraged networking and other industry involvement, which has lead a bunch of us, myself included, to get involved with such organizations as the Des Moines YPC, where we get the ability to grow as young professionals. We then bring this knowledge back to ISG, which helps us better serve clients!

Favorite place you’ve traveled?

My favorite place to travel to is Anguilla. It is a little unknown island in the Eastern Caribbean that I have traveled to a couple times with one of my best friends. It has been a favorite of mine since early college and it will forever be my favorite place. Expensive? Yes. But the views, culture, and people really make for an amazing vacation. I also traveled to Ireland in February this year with eight of my girlfriends, and let me say, if you have never been to Ireland, put it on your bucket list. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Where does Des Moines rank on your list of places?

High—as small as it seems, Des Moines has a lot to offer. If you have never experienced Des Moines, hop on the Des Moines CVB website and check it out! I have lived here my entire life, and I stay because of our community. Apart from our great farmers market, state fair, and our growing entertainment options and night life (which continues to draw young professionals), Des Moines and greater Iowa are continuing to invest in great schools and universities, innovative agricultural opportunities, and public infrastructure, which all create a high standard of living. We’re privileged at ISG to get the opportunities to bring our expertise to all of these projects and have a positive impact on the region!

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