Designer Dakota Sandley has proven his adaptability and versatility during his time at ISG. Whether he’s in a new office, working a new job, or understanding a new side of the A/E field, Dakota always welcomes challenges and learning opportunities. Let’s hear more from the ambitious designer and how he’s grown at ISG.

You’ve worked at ISG for two years. Tell me what that time has looked like for you.

It’s been a rollercoaster. I originally began as an Architectural Tech for ISG before I was asked to switch over to Mechanical and be a Designer. The transition was cool and exciting, but it was definitely an adjustment.

What made you say yes to the job change?

I saw the offer as a learning opportunity to understand more of the company and the field, beyond just the architectural side of things.

What has been the most rewarding? Challenging?

Rewarding: Gaining an in-depth understanding of the entire scope of a project. I’ve learned everything that goes into a building and seen behind the walls and ceiling.

Challenging: Figuring out how to fit plumbing in a plumbing chase.

What advice would you give other professionals who might be in the same boat?

Be patient with yourself. With anything new, there’s a learning curve. You’re not going to understand everything at once, and you will struggle to get it right. For me, the research phase helped the most. I committed myself to learning all the new information by googling questions and outsourcing, and that’s how I started to retain information.

Any words of wisdom on ISG, your field, or life in general?

Take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow. There are so many resources out there, so utilize them to enhance yourself and your work at ISG.

You’ve worked in both cities of Minneapolis and Mankato. What’ve you noticed about each?

Being so young, I like how busy the City of Minneapolis is—there’s always something going on. The environment is a rush. The City of Mankato is a lot more laid back, which I enjoy too, because it reminds of the small town of Eleva, WI where I grew up. And I don’t have to worry about street parking!

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