Bryan Muhlbauer may have jumped around a stage singing and playing his bass guitar at one point in his life, but today, he sings in the church choir and sets the stage for ISG’s design projects as a land survey specialist. Let’s hear more from Bryan, a 24-year vet of ISG who loves the excitement of new “office” scenery each day.

You’re a pretty big music fan. Tell me more about that.

I’ve listened to and played music all my life. When I was young and crazy, I played bass guitar and sang in some local “hair bands.” Now, I really enjoy helping my younger brother with his live music shows. He’s an up-and-coming country artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. Just recently, he won "Iowa Country Artist of the Year" through an Iowa country radio station.

You’ve worked at ISG for almost 25 years. What’s the best part?

The people! I love working with everyone in my office. We’ve formed great relationships, and I appreciate everyone’s hard-working attitude. I am also very proud of ISG as a whole and the projects we work on every day. Not to sound biased, but I really believe we have the best and brightest in this business, and our marketing team does an outstanding job of showcasing our work to our clients and the public.

Any fun facts about you that people might not know?

I’ve applied my professional expertise to create two corn mazes in my hometown.

Facing challenges is inevitable. What’s your approach?

Empathy is one of my strong suits and one of the key characteristics of ISG’s approach. Every project the firm works on has its own set of stakeholders, which requires a willingness to look at things through their perspective. When I run into a challenge, I’m able to put myself into other people’s shoes and understand what each party is looking for. Learning different perspectives and gaining knowledge is the best way to accomplish a common goal. Everyone wants to end up with a product or outcome that is high quality, looks nice, and inspires pride.

What’s the coolest part about working in the Architecture and Engineering field?

I’m fascinated with the whole process from concept to delivery. Working as a land survey specialist puts me at the forefront of that process, as I have the opportunity to gather site data and utilize the latest surveying technologies out there. It’s exciting to see how quickly and accurately that kind of work happens today. The fact that you can take an idea, go survey a large piece of ground, put all the information on a little computer, print it to paper, put electronic files into devices and excavators and pavers, and in the end, have these ideas become reality is really neat. If you do this long enough, every single day that you drive down the road, somewhere, you can see one of these things that you helped create.

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