Face-to-face meetings are a necessity for Graduate Engineer Carley Johnson. Taking the time to interact with clients and other employee owners brings positivity to her work environment. Read on to find out more about Carley and what she brings to ISG every day!

How do your fellow ISG employee owners inspire you?

I have had so many people inspire me throughout my life in many different ways, but the ISG team continues to do so on a daily basis. Everyone takes the time to both teach and learn from others while maintaining a positive attitude. I'm usually a “glass half empty” kind of girl, so anyone that can cultivate so much positivity is inspiring! The positive people at ISG are always confident they can find the solutions to any problem, which is one of my favorite parts about working here, along with the firm’s hard working mentality, the supportive atmosphere, and the opportunities we are given to pursue our goals.

Being responsive is a key component of ISG’s culture, how do you embody this value?

Getting together face-to-face and picking up the phone are some of the best ways to be responsive and communicate with coworkers and clients. You can get stuck behind your desk each day sending emails, but that doesn’t necessarily embody quick and responsive support. I am constantly trying to schedule more face-to-face meetings and even picking up my phone to have real-time conversations with my colleagues and clients. The communication needed to deliver strong solutions to our partners is one of the most important parts of executing a successful project.

What is it about water resources engineering that intrigues you?

Each new opportunity we receive is like a blank slate. There are resources from previous projects that can be utilized, but each project can be so different from the next. In water/wastewater alone, there is so much variety, from waste parameters and available technologies to hydraulics and flows. Each day brings something different, and it allows me to continuously learn and grow.

What’s also exciting is that water/wastewater design is continuing to grow. With old and declining quality of existing water treatment and collection systems, constant repair, maintenance, and replacement are necessary to keep up with water use. ISG is starting to use new design software and technology to solve these water problems. I’m looking forward to helping more communities that are facing these improvement challenges.

How did your internship with the Indian Health Service inspire your career path?

The path towards water resources engineering was unexpected, but exciting. For two summers I worked with the Indian Health Service in Sioux City, Iowa. We worked on projects within the water/wastewater field, and I quickly found out that it was the career path I wanted to go down. Up to that point I hadn’t picked out a specific path within civil engineering; at the time, I was leaning toward structures. That experience kindled my interest in water resources and put me on the path to my professional career. I also grew as a person; it was my first real venture out by myself. I was five hours from home and living with five college guys (which I do not recommend). Thanks to a fantastic mentor and boss, I was exposed to all aspects of being an engineer on a project, from start to finish.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy reading, attending concerts and sporting events, spending time at the lake, ice fishing, traveling, entertaining or relaxing on our patio, scoping out new bars and restaurants in the area, and competing with my husband at golf!

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