Positive, accountable, and hard-working, Corporate Accounting Manager Lesa Drysdale embodies ISG’s culture. Keep reading to learn more about why she enjoys working for an A/E firm!

What is it about the architecture and engineering field that intrigues you?


The industry is fast paced and constantly evolving, and it’s exciting to be part of that. I also love the creativity and collaboration that goes into creating a standout design. It’s so awesome to witness the hard work of individuals from all of our offices working together on one project and seeing it come to life. The future of the field is also exciting. ISG has the opportunity to continuously grow and improve while approaching projects more sustainably and incorporating green standards for the health of the world.

One of ISG’s values is being accountable. How do you feel you embody this trait?

I think it’s very important to deliver the best possible solution to an issue the first time around. If you don’t, the person you’re trying to help may lose confidence in you, and that can be very hard to win back. In order to stay accountable I listen first to fully understand the problem or issue before I act and ask myself these questions: What is it that the client, vendor, or employee is asking for? Am I the best person to handle this request, or is there someone else on my team who may be a better resource or better equipped to provide a great solution? By taking these steps, I feel like I have taken on the personality of ISG.

You bring a positive outlook to your work on a daily basis. How does that positivity impact your time at ISG?

A former co-worker at my first "real job" out of college gave a presentation to our entire department on leadership, teamwork, and the power of positivity. It was truly eye opening for me and made me realize that I get to choose the impact I have on others, which is largely attributed to my attitude. One tiny, negative thought or comment can effect an entire room of people, but one tiny, positive comment can truly turn someone's day or attitude around. His one hour presentation still impacts me, and I find myself thinking about it often, even many years later. My attitude helps me treat everyone at ISG with kindness and respect so I can leave a positive impact on them. I strive to make sure I have constructive interactions with others and leave a lasting impression with my attitude.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I enjoy doing anything outdoors, especially running.  I look forward to trips up north to the cabin where memories are made with my friends and family.

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