Bryan Petzel, PE, Civil Engineer, was set on carpentry after high school, until one of his teachers asked if he ever considered engineering. Continue learning more about Bryan below!

What do you see changing or growing in your field?

The increased use of technology and the value it adds to a project. I’ve been really impressed with recent renderings and other deliverables ISG’s visualization team has been putting together. I hope to find more ways to incorporate their work into my projects. The use of GeoSlam for collecting manhole data and 360 degree videos to document existing site conditions have also been a huge help on projects.

Describe a challenging project you have encountered since coming to ISG and how you solved it.

A few years ago I worked on an out-of-state site plan that included City improvements. The City required all plans for City improvements to be completed using their CAD template and drawing standards, which, compared to ISG's, left a lot to be desired. We rolled with it, and ultimately provided a quality plan set that looked better than I originally expected.

What do you do for professional development?

I attend the annual City Engineer’s Association of Minnesota (CEAM) conference and have completed the Greater Mankato Growth (GMG) Leadership Institute and Leading Sibley County Together programs. I also participate in the GMG Young Professionals program and stay well-informed through webinars covering various topics.

What is the best work-related advice you have been given?

Always seek to improve upon your last project.

What is one thing about you that most people would find surprising?

I was voted “Best Hair” my senior year of high school. However, the Marine Corps didn’t let me keep it, and now it refuses to grow back.

What is on your bucket list?

A trip to Ireland. I had a layover there on my way home from Africa, and after seeing the green countryside out of the airport windows, I have always wanted to go back.

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