With home renovation projects keeping her busy at night, ISG Graduate Engineer, Becky Guenther stays busy during the day by taking clients ideas and bringing them to life. An avid traveler, Becky has loved exploring distant places, such as Hawaii and Alaska, and continues to explore the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Keep reading to learn more about Becky and her experience with ISG over the last four years.

What is your favorite part about working at ISG?

My favorite part about working at ISG is the unlimited potential. ISG encourages people to dive into opportunities that they are passionate about, even if it's something that the firm hasn't done before. It's truly a situation where if you want something, you have the power and backing of your fellow employee owners to make it happen.

What is a professional experience at ISG that has caused you to grow?

My most recent opportunity for growth has been learning to teach others. Recently, it has become more often that I find myself showing and explaining to fellow employee owners how I arrived at the end solution. It has helped me grow personally and professionally by reminding me to think actively about the different parts of a project and what steps I move through to find an effective design.

What is it about the Architecture and Engineering field that you think has the largest impact on our world at large?

The A/E field inspires me to create sustainable solutions. The world has started thinking about the lifecycle of the items we produce, not just the upfront cost. Taking this into consideration as we take on new projects, will continue to impact the way we design and engineer spaces and therefore will impact the world around us.

What inspires you?

Experiencing the world inspires me to challenge myself to find better solutions. Civil Engineering is prominent everywhere, and I often find that my everyday life and travel experiences make me consider a design problem in a new way and improve upon what has been done before.

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