Maximizing Facility + Location Opportunities

To remain competitive and profitable during recruitment and retaining a high-quality workforce, while also strategizing for future consolidations and expansions, companies are turning to facility and location assessments to identify deficiencies and opportunities for maximizing investments. ISG utilizes a customized process to guide clients through the steps of developing priorities and goals, utilizing a methodology for data gathering and documentation. Holistic and comprehensive deliverables were created using Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping with ESRI software to provide secure, interactive maps for clients to make more informed decisions.

ISG is brimming with ingenuity and innovative solutions to help clients maximize opportunities for their existing facilities while also looking ahead to future expansions, consolidations, or new location selections. Recently, a new construction project expanded into an existing facility, which included a location assessment and a new potential location selection process. This helped our client, Compeer Financial, get at the core of what they needed to consider for facilities planning: addressing the needs of their clients and employees.

Case Study: Compeer Financial

Compeer Financial has a strong presence in several Midwestern states including Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois, with over 50 owned and leased sites. After engaging ISG to design a regional headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois, Compeer Financial reached out for assistance with an analysis of additional existing facilities and locations, to develop a plan for enhancing the client and staff experience. The goal was to use the results in their budgeting process over the next 10 years.


After significant expansion and acquisitions, Compeer Financial needed to assess its locations and facilities, many of which were recently acquired and unfamiliar to leadership. To maximize the facility assessment, the ISG team guided Compeer Financial through a methodology to rank both facilities and locations. This resulted in a system that considered important factors that impact the institution’s clients, employees, and business.

Facility Assessment Process

ISG’s team visited nearly all of Compeer Financial’s owned sites and provided a thorough facility assessment of each site and building, including review of the following conditions: architectural and structural, site and civil, and mechanical and plumbing. A report followed the assessment of each location and included a summary of findings, along with a prioritized 10-year plan for recommended repairs and replacements with cost estimates.

Existing Location Assessment

To expand upon the facility assessment, ISG developed a simultaneous assessment of existing owned and leased locations based on Compeer Financial’s list of priorities, which included categories for the client and employee experience. A set of client metrics helped to identify agricultural industry health, client concentrations, population, access to the internet, proximity of related agricultural businesses, commerce, and customer loyalty ratings. Additionally, a set of employee metrics helped to identify strengths of the work force by considering staff workspace, employee commute times, quality of K-12 education, and childcare availability.

Using the combined results of the facility and location assessments equips Compeer Financial with valuable data to help make future facility decisions based on data-driven metrics that will serve the best interest of their clients, employees, and business. To showcase the results, a web-based story map was created with secure access and interactive use of the report findings, maps, 360-degree photos, charts, and comparisons.

Future Location Analysis

Compeer Financial sought additional services from ISG utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping technological applications with ESRI software to identify key cities for potential future locations. Based on 17 Compeer Financial directed variables, ISG’s analysis filtered an expansive list of 29,000 possible U.S. cities to pinpoint two ideal locations for future facilities. This secure, interactive data is available for Compeer Financial to navigate moving forward. Utilizing the web-based interactive maps, Compeer Financial can access the program for measuring, filtering, selecting, and exporting data to customize the mapping system, filter, and even turn informational layers on or off for comparison.

Through ISG’s partnership, Compeer Financial is better equipped to maximize resources and investments in facilities and locations, to gain meaningful returns well into the future. For more information, take a look at the Compeer Financial Case Study Flipping Book here: Compeer Financial Facility + Location Analysis.

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