From avid foodie and sports fanatic to spoken-word poet and event host, it seems the only thing graduate engineer, Tomi Adeola can’t do is sing! Keep reading to learn more about one of ISG’s most recent employee owners and how he earned the title “Most Talented Man in Mankato.”

What is your favorite part about working at ISG?

ISG’s workplace culture has made it easy to connect with my colleagues. Even though there have only been a few of us in the Bloomington office these last few months, we still find ways to keep things interesting while still getting work done.

What do you love most about ISG’s culture?

I love how ISG is a firm all about its employees. It’s easy to talk to the upper management team, and everyone works toward a common goal. No one takes themselves too seriously, and right from the start I felt at home as an employee owner.

What would you do for an ISG talent show?

I would perform one of my original spoken word poetry pieces. Public speaking has always been a hobby and talent of mine. From high school debate team and student body president to college student organizations, I’ve always been fond of speaking to people about things I’m passionate about. Spoken word poetry is one of the ways I do that.

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What’s your favorite part about working out of the Bloomington office?

I love being so close to the Mall of America and having so many food options.

What’s usually playing in your headphones at work?

I listen to a mix of football analysis (by that I mean soccer, but it’s actually called football seeing as you play it with your feet), political analysis and social issue discussions Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s podcasts on astrophysics, and afrobeat music.

What do you see changing or growing in Civil Engineering?

I see a lot of technological advances occurring now, and I expect to see more of that happening in the future. From 3D scanning and modeling to the use of drones, I’m excited to see where technology will take the field.

What do you like most about working in Civil Engineering?

I enjoy seeing our work come to life from plans, sketches and drawings., It is really satisfying to see projects come to fruition and live on in the real-world environment.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend a lot of my free time cooking. I’m a bit of a foodie, so I love trying new and different types of food. I love variety, so I tend to cook meals multiple times a week to keep things interesting. I also enjoy playing football on the weekends, especially during spring and summer when I can be outdoors.

What is one thing about you that most people would find surprising?

I was a 13lb baby. This is probably only surprising to people who have met me and seen my current physique.

List some fun facts about yourself.
  • I have a horrible singing voice, so don’t invite me to karaoke.
  • I speak two and a half languages: English, Yoruba, and Pidgin, which is a form of broken English—hence the “half.”
  • I’m a huge sports fan, so come talk to me about anything related to sports. Chances are I’ll find it interesting.
Do you have a motto or personal mantra?

“You’re not better than the rest, you are the rest.” This is essentially my way of keeping myself humble and grounded. I think it is of huge importance that we don’t look at ourselves as being above our flaws and mistakes. We must always look at ourselves as a work in progress and never a finished product. We all have flaws and biases, and it’s our job to identify and rectify them.

Have you received any awards? If so, for what?

My junior year, I won the talent show at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I was referred to as “The Most Talented Man in Mankato.” It might have only been my mom and I that used that phrase, but I still think it counts.

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