Dedicated to finding solutions to technical issues, Hunter’s career at ISG has advanced from an internship more than five years ago to his current role as Information Technology (IT) Operations Manager. Through this career progression, Hunter has enjoyed the growth both he and the firm have experienced and looks forward to what is yet to come.

What brought you to ISG?

I was recruited through one of my professors at South Central Technical College in North Mankato, Minnesota. The professor knew one of the directors, heard ISG was looking for an IT professional, and connected us. I started with ISG as an intern and then moved into a full-time role after graduation.

What do you love most about ISG and the culture?

The all-in mentality is great. It was there when I started but has become even stronger since the transition to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). As I meet other IT professionals at industry events or conferences, they will say their department is the black sheep of their company. It is refreshing to come back to ISG where IT is recognized as an integral part of the team. I also appreciate that every day presents new challenges and I never stop learning.

What is one piece of work-related advice you would give?

There are a lot of moving parts in IT; this has helped me recognize the value of being available. My advice to others is to avoid trying to memorize the answer to every problem or question you might receive. Instead, focus on being responsive and knowing how to find a solution.

How did you end up choosing an IT career?

I’ve always been drawn technical fields like automotive service and IT. When it came time for me to select a career path, I heeded the advice of my grandfather. After spending 50 years as an auto mechanic, he knew firsthand the physical challenges that career path could pose and suggested I take another path. His advice, combined with my desire for a technical career, brought me to IT.

What do you see growing or changing in the IT field?

There is a strong push to move business-critical services to the cloud. Moving services to the cloud creates a lot of new challenges, including the need to emphasize security to keep our systems and data safe. The most rewarding parts of my job are finding solutions to problems and designing systems that help ISG grow, so I’ve really enjoyed supporting our transitions to cloud-based technology.

What does your professional development look like?

I believe it is important to keep up to date with current and emerging technology both from a personal standpoint and to maintain a competitive advantage as a firm. I attend industry conferences such as VMworld and maintain VMware certifications. When time allows, I also listen to industry-related podcasts and watch relevant IT webinars.

When you aren’t at work, how do you spend your free time?

I really enjoy spending time with my younger brother, other family, friends, and keeping my two dogs active. You might also find me playing video games or working on projects around the house. Like other IT professionals I’ve met, I have fun taking things apart to learn how they work. In high school, I spent my time and money repairing and restoring an old truck. Even though I didn’t pursue an automotive career, I do enjoy spending some of my free time doing my own maintenance and repairs.

What is something about you that most people would find surprising?

When I was a teenager, my family and I moved to England. Coming from a small town in Minnesota, the move was a major culture shock. While it was difficult at the time, I’m grateful for the experience. The year we spent there before returning to the United States made me more self-reliant and helped shape who I am today.

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