Bringing premier student housing options to locations across the Midwest, ISG recently collaborated with Tailwind Group, a real estate management company, for the renovation of the community clubhouse at ‘The Quarters’ located near the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The renovation brought luxury amenities—an updated weight room, contemporary community lounge space, sauna and tanning room, and a pool area to UNI students. To bolster excitement about the renovation, the client was looking to truly immerse student-tenants in the future space. ISG visualization specialists used their unique skillsets and brought in innovative technology to do just that.

Using Revit and Lumion software, ISG developed a virtual 3D tour of the spaces to convey a modern, luxurious, and real-world feel. Community spaces attract the student demographic who value social activities and a sense of belonging, so ISG created hyper realistic digital environments that highlight important details of these spaces. This included the updated weight room, sauna and tanning rooms, study areas, kitchenette, pool and patio area, and the UNI-branded lounge space with contemporary seating centered around a cozy indoor fireplace.

This interactive virtual reality experience allowed current and prospective tenants to move virtually throughout the clubhouse and fully experience lighting options, architectural enhancements including high ceilings, wall and floor coverings, unique finishes, state-of-the-art amenities, and unique design components, first-hand.

Take the full tour here: The Quarters at Cedar Falls (

By using our visualization technologies, the team successfully helped Tailwind Group sell their vision for a new standard of student living to current and future residents and assist in the leasing process.

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