Like many firms, ISG offers its employee-owners an incentive package for employee referrals. However, most firms’ incentive packages do not include the chance to win a free plane ride with family and friends to a vacation destination of their choosing. Launched in 2021, the ISG Employee Referral Program is one of the many perks that sets ISG apart from the competition.

The program offers a cash incentive of $5,000 per successful recruit and places the employee-owner into an aircraft lottery drawing that takes place twice per year. Half of the cash incentive is distributed upon the recruit’s time of hire and the other half is distributed after the recruit has completed six months of service at ISG. Courtesy of ISG Air and ISG employee-owner pilot Michael Drager, the lottery winner can take up to five guests on an extended weekend vacation to any destination within the ISG-designated fly zone. ISG will also provide the employee-owner with a day of PTO and a $500 voucher to be used for the hotel, meals, and miscellaneous travel expenses.

Brad Penar, ISG’s Structural Engineering Group Leader based out of Des Moines, became ISG’s first employee-owner to experience the full benefits of the ISG Referral Program. Brad marked Utah as his 45th state visited and added to the growing list of state parks he has explored. Brad and his family enjoyed Utah’s scenic views and found relaxation at the resort. From the saxophone-playing state park guide to having the ability to connect with Michael Drager, Brad feels very fortunate and is grateful to ISG for providing him with the very memorable opportunity.

Brad’s recruit, Matt Lyons, was an intern at ISG while he pursed his degree in Structural Engineering at Iowa State University. After receiving a master’s degree from Stanford University and working in California, Matt made his move back to the Midwest, was recruited by Brad, and returned to ISG. Through the connection maintained between Brad and Matt over the years, ISG gained a valuable employee-owner and Brad experienced the perks of the ISG Employee Referral Program.

Staying in touch, having lunch with a friend, or grabbing coffee with a former coworker can spark the conversations about positions available at ISG and may be your ticket into the referral program. From Graphic Design to Landscape Architecture to Structural Engineering, there are opportunities for those with a variety of skill sets and all levels of experience. Present and future employee-owners will thank you for your active involvement and impact to the growth at ISG.


Check out the video from Brad’s trip:

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