Andy Brandel

Meet Andy Brandel PE

Senior Vice President
Since beginning his career at ISG as a summer intern, Andy has built an extensive portfolio providing civil engineering, design, and planning services for a dynamic range of multi-industry clients. After contributing his talents at ISG’s Mankato and Faribault offices, Andy was selected to lead the firm’s Minneapolis-St. Paul office, where he and his team now serve a successful and growing metro client-base. As a highly collaborative partner and creative leader, Andy maintains close connection with ISG’s in-house multi-disciplinary team to explore innovative civil design solutions and cost-saving opportunities for complex client challenges. Whether it be for partners in sports and recreation or commercial retail, Andy’s broad industry experience and transparent project management approach serves to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

Articles by Andy Brandel

Harley-Davidson motorcycle showroom

Structuring a Brand for the Long, Prosperous Road Ahead

Learn how clients and A/E firms can collaborate to ensure final designs mirror the client’s vision, help maximize profits and customer experience, and adhere to branding standards.

architecture visualization

The Art of Visualization

To help capture the essence of a client’s vision in an easy to grasp format, graphic renderings, video animation, plan production, and 3D modeling can make a huge impact and connect clients to their dreams and goals, making what was once a thought or sketch turn into reality. We recently sat down with Michael Blank, ISG Design Visualization Specialist, to talk more about the craft that helps promote community engagement, build consensus, and earn project support.

Supersize My Branding Please

Both small business and large Fortune 500 companies serve critical roles in the commercial industry, but branding and its incorporation into physical design can sometimes take a much different path.

Game-Time Decisions

As the level of play from student athletes continues to advance, so too should the performance of sports facilities. Every detail counts, including choosing the right field surface.

Protecting Public Health, One Operator at a Time

The need for adequate water/wastewater services holds one of the highest priorities for communities, yet most residents aren’t aware of the constant efforts needed to maintain clean water that is critical in our everyday lives.