Meet Aaron Chisholm

GIS and Applied Technology Manager
With a wide range of national GIS experience, Aaron brings extensive technical expertise to each project. Aaron's software skills include ArcGIS for Server and Online Implementation, ArcSDE, web application development, and GPS Field Data Collection. Through these and other mobile data collection platforms, he ensures that data sets are accurate and well documented. He specializes in applying these data acquisition and maintenance methods to specific services and industries, including residential development, water distribution, transportation, energy, agricultural drainage, and database integration.

Articles by Aaron Chisholm

Celebrating GIS Day and its Impact on Communities

Growing the public understanding of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) has been an ongoing initiative around the world over the past 23 years. November 16th has been designated as GIS Day, intended to celebrate GIS and to educate our communities about the impact it has on our world and in our everyday lives. Today, ISG celebrates and reflects how GIS technology has developed and expanded, and how it can help our clients and the communities we serve.

Virtual Reality Markets Luxury Student Housing

Bringing premier student housing options to locations across the Midwest, ISG recently collaborated with Tailwind Group, a real estate management company, for the renovation of the community clubhouse at ‘The Quarters’ located near the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Reaching New Depths with HyDrone

Our world doesn’t stop at the water’s edge, and with HyDrone, neither do ISG’s survey capabilities. One of the newest additions to our fleet of industry-leading technology, this remote-controlled survey boat allows project teams and clients across our 12 business units to reach new depths as we investigate underwater terrain with speed, accuracy, and safety.

Where History and Technology Meet

Located about 90 miles directly north of Iowa’s capital city, Clarion is the seat of Wright County, Iowa, and home to more than 2,700 residents. On the eastern edge of the City is Evergreen Cemetery, a historic cemetery managed and maintained by the City. With more than 125 years of records on handwritten index cards and old paper maps stored at City Hall, the City was in desperate need of a modernized and accessible record-keeping system.

From “Where am I?” to “Who am I?”: The Evolution of Geographic Information Systems and its Application in the A/E Industry

In the broadest sense, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) help us understand where we are in the world spatially. Examining spatial correlation, how close or far things are from each other, has been an important advancement in understanding human activity.