Aaron Thacker

Meet Aaron Thacker PLA, ASLA

Landscape Architect
Aaron appreciates playing a role in the creation of spaces where people live and work. He takes pride in building client relationships and coordinating the implementation of his designs, providing landscaping plans, details, and renderings to help clients visualize the project prior to construction.

Articles by Aaron Thacker

landscaping and placemaking in downtown communities

Placemaking: 3 Steps to Finding the Right Fit for Each Community

The goal, for any community, is to sustain a high quality of life by creating spaces of cultural, recreational, and economic significance - an effort urban planning and design professionals have recently termed termed “placemaking.” This community and engagement driven approach incorporates the 3-step placemaking planning process to follow and can help make such City efforts successful.

World Landscape Architecture Month

Embracing + Reflecting on World Landscape Architecture Month

World Landscape Architecture Month may be coming to a close, but the long-lasting impact landscape architects make on our everyday lives, both professionally and personally, deserves to be celebrated year-round.