Meet Chuck Brandel PE

Vice President
Chuck is a widely recognized leader in agricultural drainage presenting to numerous Midwest groups. Chuck’s client commitment and professional enthusiasm have made him a frequently requested authority and designer for drainage projects throughout the region. As a preeminent drainage engineer and advocate for both environmental and agricultural sustainability, Chuck works closely with landowners, drainage authorities, and regulatory agencies to help build project consensus and promote a collaborative approach to responsible land stewardship. With an extensive civil engineering background. Chuck also contributes to leadership efforts in the commercial and housing markets, offering clients a dynamic background and direct expertise.

Articles by Chuck Brandel

It’s a Balance: Protecting Crops and Water Downstream

Much of the upper Midwest, including Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota were formed by glaciers moving over the landscape, creating a region referred to as prairie potholes. Early agricultural practices were focused on draining the water from these potholes in order to farm the land.

Water Quality is Weaved into Every Project We Do

This month and every month, ISG’s water specialists work hard to promote, build, and facilitate water system infrastructure that adheres to the latest local, state, and federal guidelines and keeps the water we consume, work with, and play in clean and safe.

Happy National Ag Week 2022!

This National Agriculture Week of 2022, the National Ag Week theme “Growing a Climate for Tomorrow” reflects the industry’s ability to take on big challenges and turn them into opportunities. It takes strong aptitude, steady hands, countless sleepless nights, and early mornings out of bed before dawn to address the important demands to grow and raise food for a hungry planet.

Acre by Acre

Gaining Community Support for Major Agricultural Drainage Improvement Projects, One Landowner at a Time.