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Out of the Office and into the Field | Leaving a Legacy on Land

At the start of the Blue Earth Co. Tile project, things seemed fairly straightforward. I was working with ISG Land Survey Specialist, Ryan Kotthoff, and our goal for this project was to plant roughly two dozen grade stakes at a site near Mankato, Minnesota where drainage tile would eventually be installed near a road and bridge.

Out of the Office and into the Field | No Naps at Siesta Hills

During my first adventure out of the office and into the field, I spent the day working alongside Cody Meyer at a housing development in Dundas, Minnesota—which if you haven’t laughed through that post yet, I highly recommend reading the entertaining account of my ‘orientation’ day as a land surveyor.

Out of the Office and into the Field | Bridgewater Heights

For our talented surveyors, the ‘office’ is the varying terrain of a jobsite, software includes a sledgehammer and stakes, and emails are questions from contractors and clients. I quickly learned that being in the field is far different, and in many ways more satisfying, than sitting in an office.