Meet Chad Surprenant PE

Chief Strategy Officer
Growing up in the industry, Chad developed a ground-level understanding of contextual design and leadership from the time he was six years old when he fed plan sheets into ISG’s (then I&S Engineers) early blueprint machine. Chad continued to work for the family business throughout high school and college, earning practical experience on various survey, civil, construction inspection, and structural engineering projects along the way. After earning his Civil Engineering degree from Iowa State University, a university he proudly supports today through the Surprenant Ingenuity Lab, Chad returned to his hometown of Mankato, Minnesota, to join his parents’ 10-person engineering practice. Since joining ISG in 1993, Chad quickly earned the position of CEO | President in 2001 and set about leading a family firm established in 1973 to the 315+ professionals, 100% ESOP, multi-office, multi-discipline, multi-state, national business ISG is today. He was intimately focused on furthering the firm’s dynamic nature when working toward the adjusted structure in 2020, which included appointing Lynn Bruns as CEO, David Doxtad as President, Derek Johnson as Executive Vice President, and his focused and current role of Chief Strategy Officer. ISG’s competitive advantage, related to hunger, talent acquisition, and willingness to change, is constantly reinforced at every level and was a guiding factor in discussions that led to the growth-based decision. Paired with his strengths as a visionary, ISG continues to drive creativity and strategy with Chad also serving as the firm’s Board Chairman.