Meet Danielle Propst AICP

Danielle has built a career around the study of people, the places they live, and innovative strategies to improve the built environment for the growth and well-being of communities. She brings a breadth of experience leading community planning efforts and public engagement strategies with an overarching goal to create dynamic, responsive, and feasible plans for the communities she serves. An active community volunteer and representative in the planning field, Danielle is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), American Planning Association, and Urban Land Institute.

Articles by Danielle Propst

Community Development Planning: It’s Not Magic, It’s a Strong Consultant Partnership

Traveling through other communities, do you find yourself envious of the culture, vibrancy, and growth they are experiencing? Do you ever wish your own city was a destination for new people, recreation, and business? Thriving communities didn’t wave a magic wand to have flower baskets appear downtown, a splash pad at the community park, or new housing development near the growing school district. There is no magic wand or formula to bring about the change you want to see in your community, but instead proactive, intentional planning.

Streets of Change

Streets of Change: Bump Outs, Curb Extensions, and the Pedestrian Experience

ISG has worked with communities throughout the Midwest to design roadways with pedestrian users in mind and challenge conventional understandings associated with bump outs and curb extensions.