Meet Evan Del Val PE, CFM

Civil Engineer
An enthusiastic and talented water resource design engineer, Evan has managed projects within budget from the planning phase through final deliverable. He has assisted clients in obtaining IDNR Floodplain permits and Sovereign Land permits. He has also prepared numerous technical reports for Iowa Department of Transportation projects including bridge design, culvert design, and trail design. Additionally, Evan has worked in cooperation with the IDNR to utilize State Revolving Funds to develop a comprehensive plan for a stream restoration project.

Articles by Evan Del Val

Living in the Grey to Uncover the Green

If generations could be defined by one word, an apt phrase for our current period may be “immediacy”.  This sense of immediacy courses through our society, influencing not only how we experience our entertainment, but how we gather and disseminate information and develop our policies.

Clean Energy Week: Reimagining Our Energy Future

As we move into Clean Energy Week 2020 under the shadow of these massive weather-related phenomena, it has never been more clear that the time to reimagine our relationship with energy and the sources we get it from, is now.