Meet Julie Blackburn

Environmental Practice Group Leader
Julie leads ISG’s Environmental Group bringing over 25 years of professional experience working in a leadership capacity to help clients identify and implement environmental solutions. As the former Governor’s appointee to the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, Julie helps public and private partners evaluate and comply with environmental requirements to ensure successful project outcomes and create more sustainable environments. Julie has a passion for engaging with communities and facilitating authentic conversations about conserving and managing their community, economic, and environmental resources. She takes a fresh approach to project delivery as she strives to improve the quality of life throughout the communities that ISG serves, and ensures smart planning to provide sustainability well into the future. With an impressive resume, Julie’s value and expertise is briefly described in the following list: -Ambitious leadership in water resource management, including policy, planning, restoration, protection, and implementation programs. -Development of innovative market-based conservation programs that improved watershed resiliency, expand policy options for regulated entities, and obtained multiple benefits for habitat, groundwater, and communities. -Knowledge of federal and state environmental policy and development of rules and permitting programs at state and local government levels, including working with stakeholder groups and regulating agencies to establish performance standards and enforcement policies.

Articles by Julie Blackburn

Water Quality Relies on Building Quality Relationships

ISG oversees the full spectrum of water management planning, from complex multi-county, multi-agency efforts to centralized issues impacting a single landowner’s property. In each scenario, quality relationships influence action taken on water quality solutions. ISG water resource professionals cultivate common ground to ensure a resilient future is achieved for stakeholders and our natural resources.

Creating Flood-Resilient Communities: A Case Study in Floodplain Management

In the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesotans love to live near and play in our abundant water systems. But the effects of population growth, land use development, and climate change pose challenges within floodplain areas, contributing to persistent flooding issues.

So What’s the Big Deal with Phosphorus?

Phosphorus. It’s the eleventh most common element on earth and is used to manufacture many products that we are familiar with such as steel and bronze, safety matches, LED lights, fireworks, and baking soda.

Wetland Restorations: As a Nature-Based Investment

At ISG, our wetland scientists and regulatory experts have been guiding parties through the wetland bank development process for decades.

Watershed Moments: Looking at the Big Picture

Water quality improvements often start with the watershed. For entities like the Heron Lake Watershed District, it takes strong partnerships to make and fund improvements. Through these partnerships, communities can make a big impact on local water quality.

Great Partnerships Make Great Projects!

ISG Congratulates Heron Lake Watershed District (HLWD) on their recent grant award! Implementation of best management practices are targeted to improve water quality in South Heron Lake.

So You Built A Drainage Ditch – Now What?

You rallied the community, got agencies and drainage authorities to cooperate, and successfully completed the construction of a habitat saving, crop production enhancing drainage system in your district. Now what?