Meet Nathan Gruver PLA

Landscape Architect
Passionate about his work, Nathan is driven by opportunities to enhance the quality of life across communities through landscape architecture and urban planning. Drawing from experience serving diverse populations in states throughout the U.S., Nathan helps public and private partners explore unconventional and innovative site design solutions that address everything from pedestrian safety to stormwater management. Nathan is an avid outdoorsmen and draws many of his design inspirations from the natural environment, bringing to life the all the intangible qualities nature provides.

Articles by Nathan Gruver

Streets of Change

Streets of Change: Bump Outs, Curb Extensions, and the Pedestrian Experience

ISG has worked with communities throughout the Midwest to design roadways with pedestrian users in mind and challenge conventional understandings associated with bump outs and curb extensions.

Sioux City Promenade Plan

A Case Study in Unconventional Urban Renewal

Situated in the heart of downtown Sioux City, Iowa, the Promenade is a public space surrounded by the local movie theatre, Sioux City Convention Center, and nearby coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. See how ISG implemented unconventional urban renewal strategies to revitalize this popular space.