The Eide Bailly Center is the newest development in Mankato serving as a downtown commercial site for entertainment, retail, and office space. Standing seven-stories tall on the corner of Main Street and Second Street, this centerpiece will light up the Mankato skyline with a unique illuminated wall at the top of the building. The project is set for completion in fall 2019.

Watch the construction in real time:

Eide Bailly Mankator Rndering


Evolution + Development of the Eide Bailly Center

Alongside the Eide Bailly project site you will find this banner highlighted below featuring unique information about how the project will evolve over time. ISG’s architects and engineers intentionally chose specific elements, such as local limestone, that would not only blend into the surrounding landscape but enhance the downtown Mankato area.

The banner shares how the buildings frame, structure, technology, finishes, and exterior all share in developing a beautiful aesthetic. Stay tuned for continued updates on the progression of the Eide Bailly Center on this ISG project page.

Eide Bailly Blog Post


Ground Breaking – June 14, 2018

ISG is excited to share that the Eide Bailly Center officially broke ground alongside developer Neubau Holdings and project partners Eide Bailly, Knuston Construction, and ISG on June 14, 2018. This mixed-use seven-story, 73,830 square foot building will include multiple tenants and parking ramp. The project is set for completion in fall 2019.

Eide Bailly Groundbreaking


Aggregate Piers Set on Eide Bailly Site – August 22, 2018

Over 300 aggregate piers provide the below grade structural support for the building and ramp. The weight of the structure rests on top of the footings which distribute the load into the ground through the aggregate (rock) piers. During installation, the mandrel, the auger used to dig the hole, penetrates through the unsuitable soils at depths varying from 10-35 feet depending on the use of the pier, the soil bearing capacity required, and the depth to reach suitable existing soil. Aggregate is then inserted into the hole where it is compacted into place by the mandrel. This process is repeated until  the entire hole is filled with compacted aggregate. As the compaction happens the diameter of the compacted aggregate increases from 14” to approximately 20” diameter.  This increase in diameter not only helps to increase the capacity of the aggregate pier, but also provides a certain level of correction to the soils surrounding the pier. This soil correction process improves the bearing capacity of the soil to support the loads of the building.


Construction Update – September 24, 2018

Eide Bailly Center Construction Update - Knutson Construction
Construction update provided by Knutson Construction

September 2018 – Drone Flyover

Check out the progress that has been made this last month by watching here.


October 2018 – Drone Flyover

Check out the progress that has been made this last month by watching here.


November 2018

Flying in the Steel

The steel beams of varying sizes making up the building frame are “flown in” by crane, many at a time. This process allows for beams to be secured with bolted connections efficiently, one after another.

Check out the progress that has been made this last month by watching here.


December 2018

The Steel Structure is completed and “topped out” by a Christmas tree at its highest point. Topping out can be traced back to an ancient Scandinavian religious rite where builders would put a tree on top of a new building as a tribute to the tree-dwelling spirits that may have been disturbed during its construction. Now, it has become a celebration of accomplishment for builders everywhere. The fact that the Eide Bailly building was topped off with a Christmas tree in time for the Holidays was a fun bonus.


January 2019

After the rebar install, Concrete is poured on top of the metal deck and given a rough finish. To allow the concrete to cure properly in the Minnesota winter, the building is tented and heated. In addition, the stairs are being dropped in, with the south stairwell almost completed. Stud framing for interior and exterior walls is mobilizing, as well as fire proofing efforts for safety. The flooring process should be completed by the last week of January, following which the exterior walls will be built.

Drywall framing is going up along the West side of the building, along 2nd Street.
Eide Bailly Drywall framing

April 2019

The Eide Bailly Center time-lape video from groundbreaking day up to March 2019.

May 2019

The Eide Bailly Center downtown Mankato has progressed according to schedule. Key elements addressed recently include:

  • Windows continue to be installed
  • Exterior limestone installed
  • Parking ramp framework continues to come together on the north side of the building
  • South elevation flashing and insulation beginning




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