Employee Owners

Meet Vice President Nick Ellenberger

Beginning as an intern at ISG, Nick will celebrate 20 years with the firm in 2023. As a Vice President, he places value on building relationships, trust, serving the team, and delivering successful projects with a team sport mindset. Discover more about his career at ISG and how sports-related injuries almost led him down a different career path.

Meet Refrigeration Group Leader Phil Golden

With enthusiasm for discovery and efficiency, Phil’s journey to ISG started with becoming an expert in industrial refrigeration and a passionate entrepreneur. Learn more about his journey, as well as a few spots to check out the next time you’re looking for a getaway!

Meet Senior Support Specialist Stacy Spencer

When you walk through the doors of the ISG Mankato office, you are greeted by Stacy Spencer’s smiling face. As Senior Support Specialist, she is what many would call the jack-of-all-trades. From general administrative duties to keeping the candy bowl full, Stacy ensures the office operations run smoothly and all business units’ needs are met. Her sister and ISG Designer, Jaclyn Thissen, introduced the position to Stacy. “We have pretty much always worked together…Jaclyn told me there was an opening at ISG, so I applied and got it!”

Meet Graduate Engineer Rosanna Novellino

From the valley of Caracas, Venezuela, to the beaches of Margarita Island, and the rolling hills of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Graduate Civil Engineer Rosanna Novellino has experienced living and traveling to unique and varied geographies throughout her life. In 2015, Rosanna made the trek from Venezuela to South Dakota in pursuit of an engineering degree from South Dakota State University (SDSU). Since receiving her degree she has made Sioux Falls her home, her passion for civil engineering has grown, and she has become an established team member.

Meet Land Survey Specialist Kurt Fox

Whether in the office, on a project site, at home, or traveling, Kurt Fox takes advantage of opportunities to explore new experiences. Read on to discover Kurt’s interests, and how fellow ISGers helped to fuel his curiosity in a way that changed his career path.

Meet Civil Engineer Justin Heim

With a passion for engineering since high school, Justin enjoys the constant opportunities for growth and learning as a civil engineer. While at Iowa State University (ISU), Justin was a member of the collegiate fishing team where he participated in bass fishing tournaments. Read on to learn about Justin’s reel-y cool collegiate fishing career and how he tackles the variety of civil engineering projects he works on!

Meet Landscape Designer Alina El Tamimi

Growing up and experiencing a range of cultures in Russia, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, Alina El Tamimi found her passion for architecture. Overcoming challenges and proving her determined nature, she pursued her education and passion for design despite the barriers that existed. Read on to learn more about Alina’s unique background and what brought her to ISG!

Meet Graduate Engineer Arie Hoekstra

When he is not hunting, fishing, or working on home renovations and projects, outdoorsman and handyman Arie Hoekstra is contributing his talents and expertise to ISG’s Public Works team and its clients. After graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering from Dordt University, Arie moved to Colorado where his passion towards public works deepened through his interactions with public utility providers, leading him to move to Sioux Falls and eventually joining ISG.

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