Celebrating GIS Day and its Impact on Communities

Growing the public understanding of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) has been an ongoing initiative around the world over the past 23 years. November 16th has been designated as GIS Day, intended to celebrate GIS and to educate our communities about the impact it has on our world and in our everyday lives. Today, ISG celebrates and reflects how GIS technology has developed and expanded, and how it can help our clients and the communities we serve.

Workplace Design Strategies

The workplace as we know it is in a state of transition. With the greater acceptance of working from home and the need to support proactive team engagement, ISG has seen this redefinition of the workplace and its purpose within an organization evolving rapidly over the last few years.

Water Quality Relies on Building Quality Relationships

ISG oversees the full spectrum of water management planning, from complex multi-county, multi-agency efforts to centralized issues impacting a single landowner’s property. In each scenario, quality relationships influence action taken on water quality solutions. ISG water resource professionals cultivate common ground to ensure a resilient future is achieved for stakeholders and our natural resources.

Connecting Cities with Solutions – ISG’s Takeaways from APWA’s PWX 2022 Conference

Every year the American Public Works Association (APWA) gathers public works professionals and leaders from across the nation to discuss issues and share solutions for public works management. This year, ISG’s municipal specialist and civil engineer, Casey Patton, PE, attended APWA’s PWX conference in August.

ISG Develops Watershed Management Plans to Preserve Rivers and Waterways

From creating comprehensive watershed management plans to improving stream stabilization while creating engaging recreation opportunities that balance community goals, ISG’s water engineers and environmental specialists work on a variety of projects that help to sustainably manage and preserve our communities’ rivers and waterways.

Water Quality is Weaved into Every Project We Do

This month and every month, ISG’s water specialists work hard to promote, build, and facilitate water system infrastructure that adheres to the latest local, state, and federal guidelines and keeps the water we consume, work with, and play in clean and safe.

New School Positions the Maple River School District for Success

This fall, the Maple River School District will open its doors of the newly constructed PreK-12 school in Mapleton, Minnesota. Until now, the District’s three schools have been serving the four communities of Amboy, Mapleton, Good Thunder, and Minnesota Lake.

Take Action through Stormwater Planning

In the simplest form, stormwater planning involves understanding the impact water runoff and rainfall events will have on your city and its infrastructure. To gain this insight, it is important to have the right resources and tools available to accurately predict how much water runoff will occur throughout the year and where it will go.

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