Reaching New Depths with HyDrone

Our world doesn’t stop at the water’s edge, and with HyDrone, neither do ISG’s survey capabilities. One of the newest additions to our fleet of industry-leading technology, this remote-controlled survey boat allows project teams and clients across our 12 business units to reach new depths as we investigate underwater terrain with speed, accuracy, and safety.

Where History and Technology Meet

Located about 90 miles directly north of Iowa’s capital city, Clarion is the seat of Wright County, Iowa, and home to more than 2,700 residents. On the eastern edge of the City is Evergreen Cemetery, a historic cemetery managed and maintained by the City. With more than 125 years of records on handwritten index cards and old paper maps stored at City Hall, the City was in desperate need of a modernized and accessible record-keeping system.

Meet Information Technology Operations Manager Hunter Thompson

Dedicated to finding solutions to technical issues, Hunter’s career at ISG has advanced from an internship more than five years ago to his current role as Information Technology (IT) Operations Manager. Through this career progression, Hunter has enjoyed the growth both he and the firm have experienced and looks forward to what is yet to come.

From “Where am I?” to “Who am I?”: The Evolution of Geographic Information Systems and its Application in the A/E Industry

In the broadest sense, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) help us understand where we are in the world spatially. Examining spatial correlation, how close or far things are from each other, has been an important advancement in understanding human activity.

Living in the Grey to Uncover the Green

If generations could be defined by one word, an apt phrase for our current period may be “immediacy”.  This sense of immediacy courses through our society, influencing not only how we experience our entertainment, but how we gather and disseminate information and develop our policies.

Meet Graduate Engineer Alex Amadeo

Alex, a Des Moines area native and a young up-and-comer, found his career at ISG as a civil engineering intern. With many projects under his belt and a hunger to tackle more, this former college football player and sports fanatic now shares his knowledge with other young ISGers.

Meet Designer Kevin Hanly

An innovative and motivated civil engineering Designer, Kevin brings a positive attitude to ISG’s most detail-oriented and extensive projects. With a unique ability to see the big picture, Kevin brings a useful perspective to ISG in addition to his engineering knowledge. Learn more about Kevin’s favorite project and his ambitious bucket list items!

Meet Graduate Engineer Lindsey Wood

As an enthusiastic and curious emerging professional, Lindsey arrived at ISG and jumped headfirst into water/wastewater engineering—working on a variety of projects and asking a ton of questions—launching her into a career that combines her technical education with her passion for the outdoors.

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