Meet Development Strategist, Darren Blue

Darren Blue is a development strategist for ISG’s Sports and Recreation Business Unit and is responsible for forging new relationships and opportunities between ISG, clients, partners, and communities. Find out why the former Minnesota State University, Mankato Men’s Hockey team coach replaced his hockey skates for a hard hat, and how he uses his coaching skills on and off the rink.

Meet ISG CEO Lynn Bruns

Thoughtfulness, transparency, music, and positivity. Lynn Bruns integrates them all into ISG’s firmwide culture of success and collaboration. Learn more about Lynn, his interests, and his journey to becoming ISG’s CEO.

Meet ISG Project Administrator Erica Swanson

Erica is a team player on and off the volleyball court! As a Project Administrator at ISG’s Mankato office, she strives for excellence and leads her team through fast-paced environments with enthusiasm and positivity. Read on to learn more about Erica’s ISG story, her impact to the culture in the Mankato office, and what she loves to do in her free time.

Meet ISG Vice President Mike Nelson

Mike believes in always challenging himself and learning from those around him. With his knowledge, Mike and his team of mechanical, plumbing, electrical, technology, and refrigeration professionals remain on the cusp of new technology to design only the most up-to-date solutions for clients. When he isn’t designing electrical systems or volunteering as a community fire fighter, Mike is traveling to listen to live music, cooking, or rooting for a Minnesota sports team.

Meet Transportation Business Unit Leader Will Kratt

Passionate about improving communities, Will works closely with partners to improve a wide range of transportation systems, from pedestrian access and multi-modal travelers to large-scale corridor planning. Will takes a holistic approach to planning, considering all aspects of community life to reach overall goals. Read on to find out more about Will, his passions, and his ever curious, futuristic mindset.

Meet ISG President David Doxtad

For over a decade, David has served as one of ISG’s empowering leaders. As President, he strives to find opportunities for his fellow employee owners, encouraging them to grow into leaders and elevate their experience and success at ISG. Read on to learn more about David’s journey into the industry, his favorite aspects of ISG, and a bit about life in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Meet Public Works Business Unit Leader Casey Patton

When he isn’t working on home-improvement projects or tending his hobby farm, Casey Patton leads ISG’s Public Works Business Unit, serving the communities of Iowa and beyond. Read more below to learn about public works at ISG and how the public works business unit leader spends his time outside work.

Meet Graduate Engineer Chantal Nack

Inspired by her grandfather, Chantal Nack attended the University of Minnesota to study engineering and now helps provide structural engineering solutions at ISG. Read on to learn more about her impressive college athletic career and how she overcomes challenges in the engineering industry!

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