Meet Designer Kevin Hanly

An innovative and motivated civil engineering Designer, Kevin brings a positive attitude to ISG’s most detail-oriented and extensive projects. With a unique ability to see the big picture, Kevin brings a useful perspective to ISG in addition to his engineering knowledge. Learn more about Kevin’s favorite project and his ambitious bucket list items!

Meet Graduate Engineer Lindsey Wood

As an enthusiastic and curious emerging professional, Lindsey arrived at ISG and jumped headfirst into water/wastewater engineering—working on a variety of projects and asking a ton of questions—launching her into a career that combines her technical education with her passion for the outdoors.

Meet Structural Group Leader Jason Burns

Jason Burns, PE, is excited to grow his talents in a leadership role and mentor graduate engineers in ISG’s Minneapolis locations. Read on to learn about Structural Group Leader, baseball and softball infielder, and rock music fan, Jason Burns.

Sustainable Industrial Refrigeration Systems for Maximized Efficiencies

In industrial refrigeration applications, efficiency, design, and sustainability are important considerations for system improvements, facility remodels, and new construction.

Out of the Office and into the Field | Bridgewater Heights

For our talented surveyors, the ‘office’ is the varying terrain of a jobsite, software includes a sledgehammer and stakes, and emails are questions from contractors and clients. I quickly learned that being in the field is far different, and in many ways more satisfying, than sitting in an office.

Building the Future, One Mind at a Time

In 9 of our 11 locations across the Midwest, full-time ISG employee-owners may notice a few new faces this summer. The challenges of the year prior did not stop ISG from hiring a group of 26 interns, from a plethora of colleges in an assortment of roles, to the team for a 2021 intern class

So What’s the Big Deal with Phosphorus?

Phosphorus. It’s the eleventh most common element on earth and is used to manufacture many products that we are familiar with such as steel and bronze, safety matches, LED lights, fireworks, and baking soda.

Are you properly protecting your employees from arc flash and shock hazards?

A fundamental component of your electrical safety program is the arc flash and electrical shock hazard safety standards. These programs guide workers on what are acceptable job tasks to perform on energized electrical components and the required personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear.