Building the Future, One Mind at a Time

In 9 of our 11 locations across the Midwest, full-time ISG employee-owners may notice a few new faces this summer. The challenges of the year prior did not stop ISG from hiring a group of 26 interns, from a plethora of colleges in an assortment of roles, to the team for a 2021 intern class

So What’s the Big Deal with Phosphorus?

Phosphorus. It’s the eleventh most common element on earth and is used to manufacture many products that we are familiar with such as steel and bronze, safety matches, LED lights, fireworks, and baking soda.

Are you properly protecting your employees from arc flash and shock hazards?

A fundamental component of your electrical safety program is the arc flash and electrical shock hazard safety standards. These programs guide workers on what are acceptable job tasks to perform on energized electrical components and the required personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear.

South Dakota and ISG – A winning strategy for unlimited growth

As we commemorate the history, culture, and spirit of South Dakota on National South Dakota Day, ISG celebrates the decision to put down roots in South Dakota and credits rapid progress to the unlimited growth potential of one of the fastest growing states in America.

Meet Graduate Engineer Lisha Wu

With a passion for environmental engineering and sustainable design practices, Graduate Engineer, Lisha Wu, is excited to share her specialized knowledge with the water/wastewater group at ISG. Learn more about Lisha’s favorite part of working at ISG and her thrilling yet terrifying bucket list adventure!

Meet Telecommunications Project Supervisor Matt Cherek

Jumping fences, running from dogs, and driving in reverse for over half a mile is just the start of this employee owner’s exciting career highlights. Read on to learn more about Telecommunications Project Supervisor, and dedicated family man, Matt Cherek’s adventures as he helps connect communities through his role at ISG.

Meet Corporate Pilot Michael Drager

Whose office at ISG has the best views? We think it is safe to say Corporate Pilot, Michael Drager, earns the win on this one. From working on the family farm to flying the skies, read more about what sparked Michael's passion for connecting people and places through flight.

Meet ISG UAV Specialist Bradley Kruse

A UAV specialist that flies his own planes…though has yet to conquer flying like Ironman. Read on to learn more about employee owner Bradley Kruse and the exciting missions he has the opportunity to pursue at ISG.