Electrical Safety Month: Maintenance + Care

A component of a facilities electrical safety program is the maintenance and care of their electrical equipment and devices. With preventative maintenance and testing there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Electrical Safety Month: Thermal Imaging + IR Scans

Thermal imaging, or Infrared (IR) scans, can identify an object’s temperature by detecting infrared signatures of light to measure heat. Traditional methods of monitoring an electrical system cannot immediately detect the impact arcing, imbalanced loads, excessive harmonics, loose terminations, corroded terminations, and failing equipment have on an electrical system.

Electrical Safety Month: ISG’s Chadwick Jackson discusses the OSHA Act

In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Act was created for the private and public sector to make workplaces safer by providing training and enforcing standards. These OSHA standards are enforced through inspections and fines, and can be triggered by severe injuries or deaths, referrals, worker complaints, high-hazard industries, or a follow-up from a previous violation.

ISG Employee Spotlight

Meet ISG Landscape Architect Mitch Workmon

At the office and project sites, you may know ISG’s Mitch Workmon as a quiet, calm, and driven landscape architect. At home, he tends to be a bit goofier while living off coffee to take care of his newborn. Keep reading to learn more about how Mitch strikes a great work-life balance and what made his personal bucket list!

Meet ISG Architect Pam Johnson

As a good listener, ISG Architect Pam Johnson, AIA, translates client ideas into innovative design and enjoys getting to know her fellow ISGers. Get to know Pam by reading this week’s spotlight!

Celebrating the Career + Impact of Retired ISG Designer Dave Anderson

Known as a hard-working, trusting, and humble employee owner, Dave Anderson has retired from ISG after 35 years with the firm. Dave started his career in Mankato in 1980 for a small firm called Associated Engineers, which soon partnered with ISG. In his time at ISG, Dave provided his extensive expertise in roadway and infrastructure projects for a wide range of partners across the Midwest. To celebrate his career at ISG, we’ve put together some of his parting thoughts and insights from David Doxtad, Tom Grafft, and Brooke Sievers, all of whom Dave worked closely with out of ISG’s Storm Lake office.

ISG Employee Spotlight

Meet ISG Graduate Engineer Amanda Goodenow

Working hard and stepping out of her comfort zone are what motivates ISG Graduate Engineer Amanda Goodenow to develop creative design solutions. Check out how Amanda wears different hats when innovating solutions and the role that playing the trumpet played in Amanda’s personal and professional development!

Meet ISG Corporate Accounting Manager Lesa Drysdale

Positive, accountable, and hard-working, Corporate Accounting Manager Lesa Drysdale embodies ISG’s culture. Keep reading to learn more about why she enjoys working for an A/E firm!

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