Meet ISG President David Doxtad

For over a decade, David has served as one of ISG’s empowering leaders. As President, he strives to find opportunities for his fellow employee owners, encouraging them to grow into leaders and elevate their experience and success at ISG. Read on to learn more about David’s journey into the industry, his favorite aspects of ISG, and a bit about life in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Meet Public Works Business Unit Leader Casey Patton

When he isn’t working on home-improvement projects or tending his hobby farm, Casey Patton leads ISG’s Public Works Business Unit, serving the communities of Iowa and beyond. Read more below to learn about public works at ISG and how the public works business unit leader spends his time outside work.

It’s a Balance: Protecting Crops and Water Downstream

Much of the upper Midwest, including Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota were formed by glaciers moving over the landscape, creating a region referred to as prairie potholes. Early agricultural practices were focused on draining the water from these potholes in order to farm the land.

Meet Graduate Engineer Chantal Nack

Inspired by her grandfather, Chantal Nack attended the University of Minnesota to study engineering and now helps provide structural engineering solutions at ISG. Read on to learn more about her impressive college athletic career and how she overcomes challenges in the engineering industry!

Meet Senior Project Manager Joel Goodenough

Whether he is actively working at an ISG construction site or spending time with his family, Joel loves to be outdoors. Over the past seven years, Joel has enjoyed his role working with construction teams and mentoring and teaching fellow ISGers in the field. To learn more about Joel’s industry journey, ISG endeavors, personal passions, and heart for the outdoors, read on!

Iowa State University Foundation recognizes ISG’s Chad and Tara Surprenant as recipients of the 2022 Emerging Philanthropist Award

The 2022 Emerging Philanthropist Award was presented to Chad and Tara Surprenant for their generosity in supporting Iowa State University and its community. The Iowa State University Foundation recognizes individuals or couples under 50 years of age who have supported the Foundation and Iowa State University through philanthropic and creative leadership.

Celebrating GIS Day and its Impact on Communities

Growing the public understanding of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) has been an ongoing initiative around the world over the past 23 years. November 16th has been designated as GIS Day, intended to celebrate GIS and to educate our communities about the impact it has on our world and in our everyday lives. Today, ISG celebrates and reflects how GIS technology has developed and expanded, and how it can help our clients and the communities we serve.

Workplace Design Strategies

The workplace as we know it is in a state of transition. With the greater acceptance of working from home and the need to support proactive team engagement, ISG has seen this redefinition of the workplace and its purpose within an organization evolving rapidly over the last few years.

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