Revitalization + Restoration—Martin County Courthouse

Overlooking Lake Sisseton in Fairmont, Minnesota, the Martin County Courthouse and a 108-foot tower with a copper dome serves as a historic landmark and image for Martin County and the surrounding community. Due to water infiltration and concerns with structural integrity, the County sought ISG to conduct a feasibility study to assess the existing conditions of the remarkable building. What started as a feasibility study, has become an extensive restoration project by teams at ISG and the County, and numerous restoration experts.

Meet Water/Wastewater Engineer Cole Prevost

Bringing over a decade of water distribution design experience, Cole develops right-sized solutions to meet the specific needs of each system and community. Read on to learn more about Cole and the people-first attitude he brings to water projects at ISG.

ISG Employee Referral Program featuring Brad Penar

Like many firms, ISG offers its employee-owners an incentive package for employee referrals. However, most firms’ incentive packages do not include the chance to win a free plane ride with family and friends to a vacation destination of their choosing. Launched in 2021, the ISG Employee Referral Program is one of the many perks that sets ISG apart from the competition.

Clean Air Meets Creative Design

The quality of air we breathe is connected to the quality of life that we live. Indoor air quality is especially important, as it is directly correlated to one’s health, wellness, and ability to perform. In the past few years, there has been an emphasis on air quality enhancements for employers and engineers to develop solutions to create safer, cleaner environmental spaces. In honor of Air Quality Week, ISG gives kudos to the mechanical team for their commitment to being clean air advocates.

Meet Construction Administrator Jeff Hess

With an optimistic perspective and personal growth mind-set, Jeff Hess is a hardworking Construction Administrator who encourages ISG’s spirit of collaboration and teamwork. Read on to learn more about how Jeff’s childhood on the farm has influenced his personal and professional path.

The Winds of Change May Impact Your Food Production Plant

Food production facilities are complex, dynamic systems, requiring healthy facility systems to operate correctly and prevent food contamination. An unassuming aspect of facility health lies within the HVAC systems. While heating and cooling capacities and filtration levels are often adequate, the most often overlooked aspect of the HVAC systems, is the relative pressurization between spaces.

Meet Graduate Engineer Austin Eigenberg

Motivated by the “infinite opportunities” he is experiencing in construction engineering; Austin embraces the challenges and ever-changing demands of the industry. This dog lover and camper enthusiast is building his dream project, dream home, and dream life in one of the fastest growing regions of the U.S.—South Dakota.

Creating Flood-Resilient Communities: A Case Study in Floodplain Management

In the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesotans love to live near and play in our abundant water systems. But the effects of population growth, land use development, and climate change pose challenges within floodplain areas, contributing to persistent flooding issues.

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