Design Opportunities For Improving Nature’s Playground

Calling all park enthusiasts, trail conquerors, and outdoor aficionados! At ISG, we're not just landscape architects, designers, engineers, and planners, we are also passionate water quality advocates and adventure seekers. For this National Trails Day, our trail-loving team members took the lead in honoring our trail systems by adventuring out to discover those within ISG office communities.

Drainage Water Recycling: Multi-Purpose Benefits to Producers and the Land

When it comes to agricultural best management practices, the door is wide open for opportunity and innovation to meet modern demands. Even in the face of unpredictable weather patterns and changing conditions, it is possible to develop unique designs to actively manage agricultural water resources for the benefit of crop yields, water quality, and the ecosystem.

Meet Technical Writer Gina Cooper

As a part of the marketing team, Gina’s primary focus is working with ISG’s experts on the creation and delivery of reports and summaries for external audiences so they can make informed decisions about their businesses, communities, and environment. Dedicated to sustainability and community engagement, Gina truly walks the talk! Read on to learn more.

Meet Development Strategist, Darren Blue

Darren Blue is a development strategist for ISG’s Sports and Recreation Business Unit and is responsible for forging new relationships and opportunities between ISG, clients, partners, and communities. Find out why the former Minnesota State University, Mankato Men’s Hockey team coach replaced his hockey skates for a hard hat, and how he uses his coaching skills on and off the rink.

A Cyclical Approach to Lake Management

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to lake water quality management. The unique characteristics of a lake and its surrounding watershed, require development of a custom plan to improve lake health. With so many variables impacting each lake, it can be difficult to understand what the problem is, optimal solutions, and equally important, how to pay for them.

An Ecological Approach at ISG

Did you know that integrating our built environment with the natural world can result in a more functional, sustainable, and resilient landscape? Here at ISG, we aim to make tomorrow better than today, and one way we do that is by incorporating ecology into our planning and design work.

Meet ISG CEO Lynn Bruns

Thoughtfulness, transparency, music, and positivity. Lynn Bruns integrates them all into ISG’s firmwide culture of success and collaboration. Learn more about Lynn, his interests, and his journey to becoming ISG’s CEO.

Five Benefits of Green Infrastructure for Your Community

Green infrastructure is often thought to only provide water quality, but the ancillary benefits are often overlooked. When looking to the next round of community improvements, cities can reap the following five benefits from implementing green infrastructure solutions.

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