Growing up, Director of Finance and Accounting Alec Pfeffer wanted to play college hoops. That is, until he dreamed of making it to the PGA. But in college, he discovered his real passion was in business, especially entrepreneurship and finance. After 6+ years working for U.S. Bank, Alec became interested in ISG, specifically its leadership’s vision for the future, and its ESOP design. Alec brought his leadership and data analysis capabilities to ISG and has never looked back. Now that he works in a dream job, his goal is to be a slam dunk, hole-in-one dad and husband. Let’s learn more about Alec.

Describe your typical workday at ISG:

As the Director of Finance and Accounting, a typical workday for me is spent primarily supporting my clients, the ISG employee owners. In mid-2017, I was tasked to restructure the finance and accounting team in an effort to improve ISG’s financial operations while also keeping our standard for accounting practices a top priority. My team and I have been working hard these past few months converting vendor and client invoices from paper to electronic delivery, payments both to and from ISG from check to electronic receipt, and implementing a new electronic filing system, just to name a few recent initiatives.

With these strategic initiatives in place, my attention turned to inorganic growth of the firm, analyzing and evaluating existing companies as acquisition opportunities. When these opportunities are dormant, I help manage ISG’s third party vendors who provide vital resources and expertise in areas such as 401(k) and ESOP plan administration, health and business liability insurance, tax return and financial statement preparation, banking, fleet vehicle management, payroll related services, and new office lease negotiations. I find that each day is different, which makes my job very interesting, challenging, and fun!

Your top Strengthsfinder strength is achiever. How do you feed that strength?

I read as much as I can. When I’m completing a task that I cannot read during, I listen to podcasts or other informative digital media. Darren Hardy puts out a 3-5 minute video every weekday that I listen to when I wake up – Check it out at DarrenDaily.

mugThe Greater Mankato Young Professionals program has been and continues to be a great platform for professional development. I’ve taught Junior Achievement the last 5 years to help with public speaking (3rd graders are fairly easy on you). I’ve been in a handful of book clubs and mastermind groups all focused on getting better every day.

I try to spend quality time and learn from individuals whom I admire and aspire to be like. The most impactful advice I have ever received was from a set of CDs I played on repeat for over a year in my vehicle. Jim Rohn’s “The Art of Exceptional Living” forever altered my philosophy on how I live my life. I would recommend this to everyone.

What is the most interesting item on your desk?

A coffee mug I purchased a few years ago from Darren Hardy, which has a simple equation tying to my #1 achiever strength. #ResultsOverEverything

What qualities does it take to succeed in your role, and why?

Driven to get pressing objectives completed, as 270+ employees and their families depend on it.

Open to new ideas, because there isn’t always one right way.

Acute attention to detail, because the fine print usually means the most.
Eager to understand as much as possible about a topic in order to make educated and justified decisions quickly.

Giving your full attention and focus to one task at a time. Multitasking is the kryptonite of productivity.

Empathy for each team member’s specific and unique needs.

Sounds like you stay busy at ISG. How do you spend your free time?

My wife (Lauren) and I are thoroughly enjoying seeing our 11-month-old daughter Liah develop. Every day is a new learning experience, which is exciting to be a part of. I also enjoy house projects and I am usually renovating our home or a rental property. Reading, golf, and travel are also high on my list.

Alec spends his days at #ISGMankato, collaborating with ISG’s Central Services department to keep ISG running smoothly and effectively.

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